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  1. 4 month old not nursing well, supply decreasing

    A friend of mine sent me ask me for help today and I'm not sure what to tell her. her almost 4 month old is not nursing well anymore and seems to only want to play with her nipple or lick it instead...
  2. Re: Anyone still nursing at age 4? dealing with low milk sup

    Sometimes I wonder if he will ever quit. I don't mind it right now most days. Some days I feel like he gets bored (rainy day or something) he is constantly asking. That can get to me a little. ...
  3. Re: Anyone still nursing at age 4? dealing with low milk sup

    My son has been doing his own compression as well to get more milk. He doesn't hurt me so I let him do it since it works. It is just frustrating since normally the only time my supply is a little...
  4. Re: Anyone still nursing at age 4? dealing with low milk sup

    Thanks so much for your response. I think that the illness on top of the seasonal allergies has left me run down. I drink all day but I've just felt sluggish and thirsty since the cold and sinus...
  5. Anyone still nursing at age 4? dealing with low milk supply

    Hi ladies, My DS just turned 4 on May 30. He still nurses about 4x per day. He just finally started sleeping all night. I didn't have it in me to night wean so I let him do it on his own. I'm...
  6. not nursing much and weight loss 3 1/2 year old

    My son is 3 1/2 and besides numerous allergies (milk, eggs, soy, nuts, fish) he is sometimes picky. Some days he eats a ton others not much at all. He is nursing but he has pretty much decided...
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    Re: Poor Eater...suggestions

    I have found with both of my kids that they are more likely to eat something that they helped prepare. Washing veggies, helping put spices in the recipe. My kids love to cook with me. Although...
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    Re: 4 years today

    That is wonderful! Those days happen for me that I can hardly take it anymore but only once in awhile. Most of the time I am happy to still be nursing You are an inspiration to other mothers...
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    Re: Milk when nursing an older toddler

    I wonder how much my little guy gets as well. He tells me sometimes that it is all gone and other times that there is a lot. I don't know how much he is getting and don't feel let downs anymore. I...
  10. Re: what does toddler feeding really look like?

    My son turned 3 in May and he still nurse a lot I think for as busy as he is! Always first thing in the morning, He hates breakfast and just wants "milky" after lunch, usually a fly by around 3 and...
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    Re: moms nursing older toddlers

    Wow! Thanks so much for all the replies. I am happy with our nursing relationship and it just seems right to me. I'm not in any way trying to encourage weaning but I did ask a few days ago, after...
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    moms nursing older toddlers

    Hi ladies,
    I am still nursing my 3 year old. he still nurses quite a bit. Usually 3-4 times during the day starting when he wakes up before he will eat breakfast and usually 2-3 times at night. ...
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    Re: cosleeping

    I completely understand what you are going through. My husband has never wanted to co sleep but doesn't argue with me about doing it. I let him keep our bed and I sleep with my 3 year old in his...
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    Re: Pressure to Stop Nursing

    My son is almost 3 and still nursing. I am very thanful that my husband is very supportive of extended nursing. I have been pressured by my family and had looks and comments from friends. I refuse...
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    Re: "mommy he needs the boob"

    That is adorable! Also completely right! The boob works for everything at that age!
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    Re: Lots of questions!

    I completely agree that there is no need to supplement with other milk if your LO is nursing 3-5 times a day. As for not getting enough liquids during the day, I did have a cup of water that was...
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    Re: not much milk

    Thanks for the help, I'm postive I'm not pregnant! I do agree that he is impatient and not wanting to wait for let down but the past couple days, it has been colder outside again and he has been...
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    Re: Human pacifier all night long

    My DS did this too but somewhere around age 2 it passed and I still nursed him to sleep but then I could get up or lay him down and he would sleep for about 2 hours. I think they just go through...
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    not much milk

    My son will be 3 the end of May and is still nursing. He usually nurses at bedtime and then possibly once at night, always in the morning when he wakes up and also at naptime but he only is napping...
  20. Re: Can't keep up with my high-demand nu

    For us, cutting some nursing sessions during the day was easier. The key for me was to not sit down ever unless I was ready to nurse my DS. If I sat, it was going to happen. if I kept busy or took...
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    Re: Need Advice-baby won't eat solids

    I worried about my son not eating solids as well, but I am still nursing and he finally all of a sudden decided around a 2 that he was ready to eat. I was still nursing 12 or more times a day until...
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    Re: failure to thrive, was told to wean

    I have no experience with FFT but I would not wean if that were the case. I am still nursing my 2 1/2 year old son and he nurses about 5 or 6 times a day. Most days he eats pretty well at meals but...
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    Re: Still nursing at 30 months

    I am nursing my 27 month old and love it but it can be difficult! He is up a few times at night still but the hardest part for me is that everytime I start to do laundry, cook dinner etc. He starts...
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    27 month old wanting "milky" A LOT

    I'm not complaining, it gives me a chance to sit. He is getting a 2 year molar and his solid intake has decreased greatly so he is loading up on his "milky" He isn't ill(no ever, ear pain etc) I...
  25. Re: Mommy milk: the most fun a two year old can have!

    Nursing a toddler is great! I love the cute things they say and how excited they get about nursing!
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