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  1. Re: failure to thrive, was told to wean

    Well our nutritionist said to introduce a food and let her explore it a bit. Sometimes kids will touch something 20 times before actually eating it so we just kept at it. We always put something on...
  2. Re: failure to thrive, was told to wean

    Hey! Things are good. DD just turned 3 and is back on the charts and in the 15% percentile. We've had some poop withholding issues because of earlier dry stools causing pain. That was also keeping...
  3. Re: ready to give up on breastfeeding

    Try to do something you enjoy while nursing. Netflix, perhaps? Sometimes even the tiniest of babes can pick up on stress and just won't latch. I would go topless at my computer with DD in a sling or...
  4. Talking to my 3 year old about weaning

    I'm a SAHM to an incredibly verbal 3 year old. My doc says she has the verbal ability of a 5 year old. She can express, comprehend and question complex ideas. (Her favorite topic right now is...
  5. Re: Have you EVER heard of this!???? HELP!!

    How quickly did you drop sessions? I would guess it was too sudden. What were you doing before the 2 sessions? I don't know offhand but I think dropping one feeding every two weeks is slow enough. I...
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    Re: Failure To Thrive

    My DD was also diagnosed as FTT so I understand the stress and shock that comes with that diagnosis. Don't let it rattle you ... there are varying degrees. Trust your instinct and just put more...
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    Re: How to lie to your pediatrician

    Honestly if you are getting a strange vibe from your pediatrician I would start looking for another one. I tried sticking it out with one because of our HMO and because I didn't want to change things...
  8. Re: Sudden weaning of 7 month old (medic


    You did everything you could do and now you've got to take care of your health so she'll have her momma around. PLEASE take care of yourself during this time.You've done a great job it is...
  9. Re: failure to thrive, was told to wean

    Just a quick update ... our nutritionist gave us some great tips for getting DD to eat more. Really simple stuff regarding meal spacing and presentation. So far it is working and DD is happy. She...
  10. Re: failure to thrive, was told to wean

    Thanks Ladies. We see the nutritionist on Monday. I'll stick to my "guns" ;)

    I'm hoping it will go well.

  11. failure to thrive, was told to wean

    Hi Ladies:

    I got back from our 2 year checkup and my pediatrician seemed nonchalant about her weight remaining the same for the last six months (21.5 pounds) he said I could opt to see a...
  12. Re: 21 mos. "sipper/chatter" gets violen

    DD is 2 and has some minor issues with nursing like this. I do nurse her to sleep most of the time and she does get upset if they aren't available. Sometimes during the day she requests "milkies" and...
  13. Re: Perfume/scented lotion okay while BF

    DD is still nursing at 2 and I have only felt comfortable wearing Cetaphil, on occasion ... but nowhere near my breasts. Prior to her birth I used Burts Bees from neck to toe after every shower. When...
  14. Re: Does anyone give LO flax seed oil?

    We never gave the oil but DD is 2 and we just started adding flax seed to her morning oatmeal. So far so good.
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    Re: how to handle time with family

    I was in a similar position with our daughter after she was born. I would just take her somewhere quiet and nurse or wear her in our "over the shoulder baby holder". In the beginning I wore a nursing...
  16. Re: Trying to breastfeed w/ Saline Impla

    Keep trying. :) You are doing great. Take one issue at a time and I'd start with the milk production if you can. Worry about time away and jobs later because being a sane mom during this time is the...
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    Re: WARNING!! Do not buy Ella's food

    The FDA regulates this. You can contact them here: http://www.foodsafety.gov/report/problem/index.html
  18. Re: BF error after C-section terror!!!

    Try the football hold. After our emergency C section we used it until my incision healed. Basically you put the baby's torso and legs under the arm of the same side you nurse on. It works great.
  19. Re: Baby only naps with nipple in her mo

    DD is almost 2. Her naps are in my lap while i sit on a giant ball. She nurses for awhile and if i didn't pull her off and snuggle she would stay latched indefinitely. The ball helps. I need a mental...
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    Re: Caffeine

    Hmmmm ... Good question. You are pumping after drinking coffee so I would assume the caffeine is in the breastmilk, even if it gets frozen. We used to freeze coffee beans for freshness and it never...
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    Re: At my wits end

  22. Re: several problems feeding my newborn


    I second the co sleeping and night nursing. Just make sure it is safe by doing some research. http://cosleeping.nd.edu/frequently-asked-questions/#23

    It is MUCH easier than waking to feed...
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    Re: 9 mo well check-up...so frustrated

    If ped is concerned do an iron check. We need our doc for actual doctoring and haven't found one in nearly two years that is covered by our hmo that we agree with. So I lie. We co sleep and are...
  24. Re: Baby wants to be at the breast for h

    My DD was constantly at the breast. So I got a boppy, a couple of of small pillows and an over the shoulder baby holder and would sit and work at my computer while she nursed and slept. DD still naps...
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    Re: Daycare "Issue"

    Wow. That is illegal. Not to mention a total lie on her part. Either that or she is a complete idiot. Either one would be a deal breaker for me. Honestly if I would have seen that I would have fired...
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