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    Re: Bringing Pump on Airplane

    That was exactly what I was concerned with. Luckily I didn't have any problems either flight taking the pump or the milk with me. Thank you so much for your responses and not making me feel like it...
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    Re: Which bottle/nipple do you recommend?

    We've used Playtex NaturaLatch w/ disposable liners and most recently started to use Playtex Ventaire NaturaLatch. They really work for us. My ds is currently bottle fed w/ breastmilk at least two to...
  3. Temas: Bra help

    by knotpurfect

    Re: Bra help

    I too have the same problem and found a great website for information and products. www.lactationconnection.com.
    (I hope I am not breaking a rule about suggesting websites... :o )
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    Bringing Pump on Airplane

    I was just wondering if anyone has had an issue before with bringing an electric pump on an airplane before? I have a Medela PIS and we are flying tomorrow to Las Vegas. I need to bring my pump with...
  5. Re: First week back and trying to pull it together

    Thank you all so much! It was hard to even find time this week to be able to get on the computer for five minutes but here I am! I'm feeling a bit better although it's tough juggling everything. I...
  6. First week back and trying to pull it together

    I find so much comfort reading through these posts. It's amazing how much emotional validation I can get just by hearing other womens stories without even sharing my own. But this week is different....
  7. supply very low after giving pumped milk

    I am looking for anyone's suggestions or advice on what to do right now. I have been successfully nursing my 10 1/2 wk old and at times using pumped milk while we travel or when he is with occasional...
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