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    Re: BPA free bottles with Medela

    Try looking a zrecs.blogspot.com for a good resource on BPA. My daughter would only use the Nuk nipples, wide mouth, so we got by with hand washing until I could find a replacement. I got the Green...
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    Re: help me to understand why

    1 year and counting, no supply issues. Modern shields do not have the issues previous ones have had. I think if you are prone to supply issues, there might be some issues. However, it was the only...
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    Re: Weaning, working, pumping oh my.

    I hadn't thought about having them try cows milk first and then if that didn't work, give her a bottle. She doesn't drink a lot from the sippy, so I've worried about waste, since it has to be full...
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    Re: First Time Daycare Baby and Illness

    I have heard this winter was a really bad one form a lot of moms, not all of them with kids in daycare/school. Spring is coming! (though you would never know from the food of snow we got yesterday)
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    Weaning, working, pumping oh my.

    I'm posting this here because I think its more of a working/pumping thing than a weaning thing.

    My daughter will be one next week. We had a slow start on solids, but once she was ready to feed...
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    Re: sippy cup suggestions

    The nuby one was a good idea, but too heavy when full enough for her to easily tip to drink from. I found a very similar Munchkin one (checked it out, good kind of plastic), that is smaller and...
  7. Temas: Yogurt?

    by greenveggie


    I know dairy is suposed to wait until after a year, but she's fighting a nasty bug and the antibiotics are really messing with her. She's 9 months old, and to make matters worse, because she's so...
  8. Re: Did your output go down since the holidays?

    Me too. I think I usually pump more than what she needs (so I freeze) and time off always does a number to my supply. It will be back up by the end of the week.
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    Sticky: Re: Scalding breastmilk due to excessive Lipase

    Ok, totally unrelated to the current part of this thread, but I just have to say thanks. It may have been the scalding, or the new deep freeze, but last week after the long Christmas break I needed...
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    Re: I'm in big trouble . . .

    I find distraction really helps my production. I play games on my blackberry. I would think reading or doing something else would help. Anything to not look at the bottles. I also use...
  11. Re: out to dinner ... do you sometimes pump + use bottle

    I did it for Thanksgiving since my in-laws have started going to a buffet. I knew she wouldn't want to eat when it was conventient, and I tried to feed her in the car before, but she would have none...
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    Re: Signs of reflux?

    My daughter has reflux as well. She did these wet sounding burps, and then she would cry or arch her back. SHe spit up some, but not always. Prevacid has helped a ton. After she was on it for...
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    Re: Where do you pump and what do you do?

    I pump in a Mother's Room my company has. It has some chairs (not so comfy, but usable), a Lactina pump I can use, a sink, a fridge, and the all important, window! I play games on my phone, listen...
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    Re: how to relax at work?

    Would music help? I find that bringing my iPod with helps me out. That and not clock watching.
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    Re: daycare stress

    I really love our center, and I agree that its comforting that there are lots of people there. We especially liked that there are rules about how long they can be left in a bouncy chair/swing. ...
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    Re: So U Supplement With Formula And Why?

    I had a business trip coming up where I was going to be gone for 2.5 days, and in prepping for it, found out I had liapase issues. We suplemented for a couple of days (while I scalded and froze what...
  17. Re: What do all you working mamas do for a living?

    Both my husband I work in IT. I work in the IT department for a large bank's US brokerage company, and the hubby works for a service provider. Sometimes its long hours, but we never go on call at...
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    Re: i am so discouraged and in tears

    As one of my friends pointed out, if you don't go through it now, you do when they start school/pre school. Its just part of growing up. Its hard to see them sick when they're so young, but its...
  19. Re: For those of you who have LOs in child care

    In MN, where we have some of the highest childcare costs in the country, I pay 1300/mo (300/wk) for infant care at a center. Toddler is only slightly less.
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    Re: Deep Freezer Advice

    We have a 5 cubic feet one. Its the smallest you can get, cost like 180. We use it for freezing pre prepared food to make weekday meal prep easier. We are going to buy part of a cow this winter...
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    Re: Pump and store?

    Yeah, the funny part is that, I believe, the Gerber bottles are made WITH Avent. My mom is coming to visit and we're going to attemp other bottles again with the sprout. She's got the magic touch,...
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    Re: Weaning..not taking formula..help

    We thought we were going to have to do formula when I thought I was going to have to go on a business trip right after we found out the freezer stash was bad. Fortunately she took the first one we...
  23. Re: does 12 week old baby need to be on a feeding schedule at daycare?

    We have daycare feed on demand, but not go longer than three hours since if I'm not there, she will push it out longer, and then start to reverse cycle. It has developed into a schedule, but there is...
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    Re: urgent - how do you give a BF lo meds?

    Syringe to cheek, blow in face, and we still had issues. We ended up mixing it with half an ounce to an ounce of EBM (I had a little extra each day from what I sent to daycare) and then gave it to...
  25. Re: Why does my supply keep dropping...ways to get it back and stay?

    Mine drops as hormones change. I add extra pumping to keep it up. I also try to feed more often (though if my supply drops, she does that on her own) Usually a couple of days of an extra session...
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