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    Re: weaning, mild pain in one breast

    my clycle is not due for another 10 days or so. i did have signs of fertility over the weekend, maybe i'm ovulating. i thought it may be normal to be somewhat sore b/c they do feel heavy and full but...
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    weaning, mild pain in one breast

    my son is 28 months old and the last time he bf was 6/15. we have only been nursing in the am for the past 6 months probably. i am ready to wean so i am distracting him and he is doing fine. i am now...
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    Re: Pump weaning question

    you can do it, your body will adjust. trust your body, you can do it. why don't you drop your lunch pumping on a friday so that you will be home with your little one for two days and see how she...
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    Re: Breastfeeding and Sleep Training woes

    what worked for me was i would nurse before naps but not to sleep. ie. i would unlatch him before he fell asleep. are you up for that or are you weaning him from his nap time feeds all together?
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    Re: Milk at daycare

    i'm with the other mom's on this one. you are the mom and you decide what your daycare providers will feed your baby. it makes no sense that they should be concerned with bm vs cows milk. my daycare...
  6. Re: beginning to feel insecure with nursing...

    thanks ladies for sharing your thoughts and feelings. it's nice to have the re-assurance that i am not the only one nursing a 2 year old. i am secure and confident that i am doing the right thing for...
  7. beginning to feel insecure with nursing...

    my son is turning 2 next week. anyone else feel that they wanted to keep their nursing secret if they went over a certain amount of time? for me it feels like two years. i am very proud that we went...
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    Re: Made it to a year!

    congrats and happy birthday!!!:cheer
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    just venting...

    i did a stupid thing this weekend and now i am paying for it. i was at the zoo with my family and my lo's were finishing up lunch. my 15 month old asked for milk and i pulled him over and he latched...
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    questions about weaning from pump

    my lo is almost 15 months old and we nurse 3 times a day. i have stopped pumping and nurse when we are together. the only time i pump now is mon and thur nights b/c when i arrive home he is already...
  11. Re: Anyone Pump at work past the 12 month mark?

    i stopped pumping at work once my lo turned 12 months but i still pump twice a week b/c i get home after his is asleep (he is 14 months). people at my work knew that i pumped for 12 months and...
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    going away from baby for weekend

    hi ladies,
    i'm looking for some support, i am going away for the weekend and i will be away from my baby. he is 14 months and drinks cows milk if he needs to when we are apart so i am not nervous...
  13. Re: Getting ready to cross the one-year mark; need support!

    you can do it mama!!! it's great for you and your baby and it is so liberating to free yourself from the pump! you can do it more on your terms. your baby also becomes so much more interactive during...
  14. Re: To Pump Wean or Not to Pump Wean? When were you ready?

    i pumped weaned around 12 months, well actually i still pump 2 times per week b/c i return home from work after my lo goes down for the night on mon and thurs evenings. if your lo is drinking bm 3-4...
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    "mommy he needs the boob"

    today my 13 month old fell down and was crying, i picked him up and was holding him trying to get him to calm down when my 2 year old runs in the room yelling "mommy, he needs the boob". it was sooo...
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    Re: Things are going AMAZINGLY WELL!

    great success story mama! thanks for sharing!
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    Re: Sudden weaning of 7 month old (medic

    good advice from all pp. i just wanted to say, get well and stay tough! you've worked hard for 7 months to bf her and you've given her an enormous gift. now you much work harder and get well. you...
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    Re: Made it to 12 months!!

    yeah!!! congrats, we just made it to one year too. i am so proud of us!!!:clap
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    hang in there ladies!

    my ds just made it to one year nursing and i wanted to post it here to give you all encouragement. i had obstacles: it was not easy for me especially in the beginning, i had such bad nipple pain...
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    Re: tired and ready to quit please help

    do you have other children to care for during the day? why do you have to pump now? are you trying to make a stash? can you just pump one time a day? i know you've probably heard it a million times...
  21. Re: Ways of Nurturing/Comforting for Dad

    pacifier? i only had 2 night feedings to wean from, my husband would go in. reinsert his pacifier and rock him. i had my ds2 compeltely night weaned by 11 months. the last one was hard for him to...
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    Re: We have a tooth!!

    i remember wondering why a woman would continue bf after their baby has their first tooth. now my lo has five teeth. i also remember thinking that once a child could ask for breast milk they were too...
  23. Re: Baby fussing at breast before bed-HE

    whenever my lo was fussy for our night time feeding (which was somewhat cyclic for the first 3-4 months of his life) i would just hold my ground and tell myself that there is milk in there and that...
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    boobs to the rescue!

    didn't know where to put this but it was really interesting and i wanted to share.

    while was bathing my sons tonight ds2 was standing up and taking toys out of a container when he slipped and hit...
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    Re: I am now nursing a toddler!

    :cheer congrats!
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