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    Re: I'm losing it still...

    I am a new mother of a 3 weeks old and getting use to BF myself so I can't really offer much help to you in that area. But I just wanted to wish you well and offer some encouragement! You have stuck...
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    Block feeding for a week

    I've been block feeding for a week now and it doesn't seem to work. How long until I start seeing results? My daughter is almost 3 weeks old and is eating ok off one side, wet and dirty diapers are...
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    Nursing for hours at night.

    My baby is 2 weeks old and I was wondering if it is normal for a newborn to feed for hours at a time at night. She eats and eats and eats and when we take burping breaks she gets very stressed and...
  4. Re: Too much milk AND too little milk. help please!

    Her diapers are still surprisingly to me, normal. Having the same amount of wet and dirty diapers. So that eases my mind a little. I saw the website you linked to me last night and I am having...
  5. Too much milk AND too little milk. help please!

    My newborn daughter is 12 days old and for the first 10 days was nursing very well. It was yesterday when I messed everything up trying to do what the nurses told me, switch sides every 15 minutes....
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