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    Re: Help with Daycare Schedule

    Hi mama!

    I would suggest that it sounds very much as though your baby was being overfed with bottles at your previous day care. The general rule of thumb is that baby needs 1-1.5 oz of milk per...
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    Re: Fussing during feed

    Older infants often get quite efficient and fast at feeding--an 8-10 minute feed on just one side sounds like a pretty long feed for a 5 month old, in my experience. Even if baby once took much...
  3. Re: EBF- Keeping Supply Up/ Pumping at work

    I'm pretty sure bfwmomof3 meant bottle. :) I would agree with her excellent advice, as well!
  4. Re: 2 years old and 2 years nursing today

    Wonderful! Happy birthday to Alex, and congratulations!
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    Re: 2.5oz Bottle?

    I always used the same 5 oz Medela bottles I pumped into at work. And I left 2 oz bottles for my daughter. It worked out just fine, and limited the likelihood that my mom (my nanny) would spill...
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    Re: Hormone Changes After Weaning

    I am sorry to hear that you have this diagnosis, mama. :hug I am glad though, that someone finally took you seriously and that now you have a diagnosis in hand to help you move forward and get the...
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    Re: saved breastmilk expiration help

    I think your class gave you really conservative guidelines--like PP said, in a "regular" freezer up to 6 months is generally fine, in a chest freezer, 12 months is more like it. I actually just gave...
  8. Re: No let-down with pump, getting discouraged

    Well, first of all, 2-3 oz per session is a normal amount, so it is very possible that you just don't have the degree of oversupply that you did with your first.

    That said, if you are having...
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    Re: When can I start pumping?

    Do you work in the US? Federal law mandates that employers provide their lactating moms with break time and a space to pump for the baby's first year. And in some states, this protection is even...
  10. Re: How Often to Give Practice Bottles?

    I personally would send the smaller sized bottles, then, if you know that your daycare is required to dump any unused milk 1 hour after heating it.

    I'm sure you know this already, but just...
  11. Re: 4 mo old baby replaced with overtired raccoon. PLS ADVIS

    I also promise you that it will get better. I'm positive that I had one of the most frequent night-nurslings on this entire board. We averaged 12-15 sessions from months 7-11 or so, and some of...
  12. Re: Trying to get pregnant while breastfeeding..

    I would also just chime in to say that frequent night feeds don't necessarily always prevent the return of fertility/ovulation, either. My cycles resumed at just about a year postpartum, when my...
  13. Re: 10.5 month old still feeding very frequently

    Sounds like my daughter! It wasn't until after the year point that she ever really wanted to go much more than 30-45 minutes without nursing. Honestly, she will still nurse that frequently now at...
  14. Re: Questions about my 8 month old's nursing

    I know pumping can be a drag! I'm a low storage capacity mama, so I was pumping 4 times for 20 minutes each over the course of my 8 hour work shift during the first year...oy.

    I don't know that...
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    Re: Trouble getting enough supply to EBF

    There is nothing wrong with you, mama. Part of what determines a mom's ability to pump vast quantities of milk is something referred to as breast storage capacity. Some women have a very high...
  16. Re: Questions about my 8 month old's nursing

    Generally speaking, breastmilk (or formula) should be the primary source of nutrition throughout the first year. So I personally would not actively start dropping pumping sessions or full out...
  17. Re: Back to work & away from baby for 16 hours

    Great tips! I would also suggest that if forced to choose between more frequent, but shorter breaks and longer but more infrequent breaks, that you choose the former. Even if you only get five...
  18. Re: State regulations not up to par :(

    I would absolutely send the smaller bottles! I personally always left 2 oz bottles for my daughter, even though I have in-home care that is not bound by state laws for milk handling. You'll want to...
  19. Re: 3 years, 3 months and going strong

    Such a great sentiment to share with us--know that there are many of us here inspired by you and the other moms who are "virtually" standing with us, nursing our toddlers. I am further behind in my...
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    Re: Decrease in milk- advice please!

    My pumping supply actually never really came back up to what it was before my period came back; but mine came back at the year point, when pumping output often begins to naturally decrease, anyway. ...
  21. Re: Can't figure out how to clean fat off pump parts

    :ita Whenever soaking didn't get the residue off of the parts, I boiled mine, and that seemed to do the trick.
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    Re: Never ending supply!

    I would also suggest perhaps trying to cut back on the size of the bottles you are offering--6 oz is a really, really large feed, and baby might be more encouraged to eat more frequently if her meals...
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    Re: Hormone Changes After Weaning

    None of us here can give medical advice, but I would suggest perhaps finding a different rheumatologist, one who is willing to actually do the work to figure out what is going on, rather than write...
  24. Re: Continuation of weight gain/supply struggle

    I can't remember; were you the one who doesn't have any IBCLCs in your area? I would generally suggest to ask one for their recommendations. Otherwise, do you have any local breastfeeding support...
  25. Re: Help with sleep for an almost 7 month old

    Well, what made it work was that neither one of us fully awoke for those feedings. ;) Mastering sidelying nursing definitely helped us out a lot; I don't know that I would have survived the first...
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