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    Explicar a Ninera

    hola! :gvibes
    trabajo y tengo una ninera que cuida mi hijo. Mi espanol no es muy bueno y necesito explicar le a ella la diferencia de formula y leche de humano y que el bebe no necesita tanta...
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    Re: Explaining to Caregiver in Spanish

    thanks ladies
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    Explaining to Caregiver in Spanish

    my baby has a nanny that takes care of him while im at work. She keeps telling me that he needs more milk that he is very hungry. I leave him at least 3 4oz bottles of EBM while im away and i have...
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    Poop Color

    My son was a good pooper, he would poop everyday and it was almost always yellowish with the little white "seeds". As soon as I started working (he was 12 weeks) he stopped pooping every day,...
  5. Re: Going back to work tomorrow, an emotional wreck, need encouragement

    think of the positive...hes being taken care of by family (youre probably saving tons of money right there), you work near by and are able to see him during lunch every day, doing that helps you...
  6. Re: What do you wish you knew before returning to work?

    I wish i had known to be extra careful when taking the flanges with the bottle off my boobs because they can tip over and spill all of my golden milk!! :o
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    Re: I hate breastfeeding

    it may be that you have too much milk and when you letdown its like a fire hose letting out milk into her mouth. try to pump a bit before nursing her. I would probably try the zantac or try talking...
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    Re: Need Advice: Gas Relief

    my baby boy was very gassy and still is sometimes...babies are just gassy creatures ;)
    he would grunt all the time and it seemed like he was even in pain sometimes :(
    I tried gripe water but it...
  9. Re: Please tell me this is normal....

    Keep going mama, you can do it!!! Your situation is soooo similar to what I went through!!! Especially the beginning. At around the same weeks my son would not want to get off my boob from about...
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    Re: Breastmilk Jaundice

    my baby also had jaundice on about the 3rd day. i wish i wouldve known that if i kept making him nurse it would stimulate my milk to come faster but i didnt. Even though i told the nurses and...
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    Re: Breastfeeding During Lunch Time

    Yes I can do that... Good idea.

    Im going to start doing that if he is sleepy or not so hungry.

    Yes, I feed baby when I wake up, then pump right after. Then I pump again mid morning, then I go...
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    Breastfeeding During Lunch Time

    I have a 4month old and I just started working a month ago... I go home every day during my lunch time to feed him but sometimes he is not that hungry or he will be sleepy. I love seeing him during...
  13. Re: extreme milk supply loss-basically down to nothing

    Well first of all every time you supplement that affects your supply. You need to start pumping or nursing during the night during those 10 hours. 10 hours is way too long of a stretch without...
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