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    Thrush only on 1 side?

    I have been BF my 10 mo old Dd quite happily w/o many problems. Last night though I had extreme shooting pain in my left breast after feeding her. It kept me up for nearly 3 hrs. I don't have any...
  2. Re: Pain while nursing 9 mo old -- help!

    Thanks for the link. Those are some good tips from kellymom.

    She nurses in cradle position. She is heavy (just over 21 lbs) & these new teeth are still sharp. So gravity is not helping. I usually...
  3. Pain while nursing 9 mo old -- help!

    I have been nursing my DD pain-free for 9 mos. She recently finished a round of antibiotics for her first ear infection. I started having some intense pain while nursing on my left breast. I...
  4. Re: Question on transitioning to solids

    Thanks for the links & other info. I did not know my pedi was giving me poor advice. I intend for my DD to self wean whenever she is ready. I am working full-time & she is in daycare, but I am...
  5. Question on transitioning to solids

    I am confused about what I'm reading on feeding solids. My LO is 8 mos old. Sounds like solids should be a supplement (ie, should not be a replacement) to my DD's breastmilk. Her pediatrician...
  6. Re: Reheating milk -- what timeframe?

    I worked from home today so this wasn't an issue. We tossed this milk after all. My LO doesn't like the bottle much & will only take it when she's very hungry. She's teething, so admittedly it's...
  7. Reheating milk -- what timeframe?

    My mother-in-law tried to give my 5 mo old daughter a bottle this afternoon (while I was @ work) when she wasn't hungry. The bottle was heated in warm water on the stove. My daughter wouldn't take...
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