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    Re: Boob Radar

    During the day i can be wearing a shirt, while nursing but even if i'm not nipping my child can find my other nipple while he's nursing on the other uncovered boob. What i started doing when he...
  2. Re: 13-month-old has started sucking har

    I always offer my 16 month old other things to suck. By doing this constantly he stopped sucking so hard since he knows booby is for comfort. I used ice and did wonders for me... along with...
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    Re: Is it possible to eat sushi

    Great... well now i know in case i have another one *sigh*
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    Re: Is it possible to eat sushi

    Health care providers ask that we refrain from fish bc of certain bacteria that could pass through the milk, specially listeria
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    Re: Will DS love BF again soon?

    My son has had 2 nursing strikes, one around 7 months and one before a year but both times he's been sick. He'd nurse briefly or skip feedings. However he's 14 months now and still nursing 8x a day...
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    Is it possible to eat sushi

    while bf a 14 mo old? I know it's out of the question before a year but i've been craving it so much since pregnancy! :drool
  7. What is the cutest (or one of the cutest) things your LO has done?

    My mom's friend came over one time and she was surprised to see i was still breastfeeding my 11 month old (10 month old when this happened). We were nursing belly up on a twin bed i have in my living...
  8. Re: What would cause a baby's suck to be weak

    I had problems with my LO's sucking in the beginning. I believe i was producing enough but his weak suck didnt make milk removal easy. My midwife/LC suggested i start pumping and supplementing via...
  9. What would cause a baby's suck to be weak

    if tongue-tie and a drug-free birth are not an issue?
  10. Re: How do your LOs manage things like rice or beans or peas??

    We're mexican and beans was the first thing we gave him :D We do refried beans. We make sure we dont use much oil, little onion and leave out the jalapeno, though we have mistakingly fed him with...
  11. Am i feeding too little solids?

    My 10 month old nurses around every two hours, sometimes he takes more, sometimes less. He has breakfast around 930am and either a lunch (330pm) or dinner (730pm) and he eats all kinds of food. We've...
  12. Re: Which feeding went first? Which one went last for you?

    joe.s.mom: I hope that's it. I know everyone weans but it's just bittersweet to think it might happen soon. Makes me want to have another one :lol
  13. Which feeding went first? Which one went last for you?

    My LO is 10 months old and he is really liking solids. I offer twice a day so i dont know if that was a mistake....

    Most of the time he doesnt drain the boob. Half the time, i feel like the boob...
  14. Re: Do you chew for your baby? (Also broths)

    i totally agree. they're a good protein source and the fat is full of nutrients!

    @mommal: oh wow! I never tried chewing but it makes sense.
  15. Re: Breast milk yogurt / Breast milk recipes?

    That'd be hard to do without heating up...
    here's a recipe but it does require heating.
    I know you dont...
  16. Best times to give solids to LO

    My LO is 9 months old and has started eating solids. His main meal is breakfast(9:30am) and we either do "lunch" (3:30pm) or dinner (7:30pm). My question is, are these times ok? since i'm bf i'm not...
  17. Re: 9 mo old drinks very little and every 2-3 hours

    Even if he doesnt empty the boob?
  18. 9 mo old drinks very little and every 2-3 hours

    Is this normal? I barely feel like he drinks and not so often. We kind of have introduced him to solids (maybe once or twice a day). I know he's bound to get distracted and to not empty my boob once...
  19. Is there a certain brand of milk storing bags you absolutely

    HATE? I loath lansinoh and Nuk. So far 8 bags have leaked (5 lansinoh and 3 nuk). But i love Medela! NEVER have had one leak! They're a bit more pricey but well worth it
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    Re: anyone tried formula?

    I have because even though i pump sometimes, he is a hungry fella. Earth's Best has agreed with my baby's tummy but he very seldom gets it.
  21. how often does your 8 month old nurse?

    Have you started solids yet? Just out of curiosity
  22. Re: Random question about heating up breast milk

    We dont use the stove. We run pretty warm water on the faucet and it heats up the frozen milk. But it still took some "warmth" (heat) to restore back to its normal stage. I need to get a science...
  23. Random question about heating up breast milk

    So i've made a little stash of frozen breast milk for emergency use (one never knows). I recently was watching a video (and reading a book by the same author) about raw milk and how many nutrients...
  24. Re: Did you have low milk supply for your first baby and not your 2nd?

    So true, each person is different.
  25. How and when did you introduce solids to your LO

    So i'm a first time mother to my 5 mo DS. He's been eyeing some of our food and my DH caught up a little chunk of avocado, put it on small plate and tried to give it to DS. He did grab the plate and...
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