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    sleeping too much???

    My DD is 2 months old and still exclusively BFing :woohoo

    She had started STTN about 2 weeks ago and I was OK with the 5-6 hours between nursings since she was making wets/dirties, nursing every...
  2. Re: growth spurt AND STTN, my boobs are so confused!?!?

    Thank you so much! These forums, the ladies on here, the wonderful support and advice seem to be the only thing keeping me sane!!! I'm so glad to have a lifeline that gives me the strength and...
  3. growth spurt AND STTN, my boobs are so confused!?!?

    My LO seems to have reached her 6 week growth spurt - for the past 3 days she is eating NONSTOP during the day. I'm fine with that, I actually enjoy having all the quality time with her - even if it...
  4. Re: Why does baby sleep better with dad? (Long)

    IME with both DDs, I think it's a combo of 2 and 3. :ita

    DD1 started sleeping with DH in the other room when she was 3 weeks old as a method to keep my sanity - we realized that she'd sleep for...
  5. Re: Mastitis help, avoiding thrush, etc.

    :ita with all the pp and sending :hug your way!

    I recently had mastitis, also from a cracked nipple, and it was not fun! The things that I did:
    -lots of rest (I even took Grandma up on taking...
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    Re: constipated at 6 weeks???

    I'd have to say blobs. They are often stuck to her butt and don't even make it "into" the diaper.

    It's not lumpy poop that's mixed with anything softer...it's just a pasty, small lump of...
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    constipated at 6 weeks???

    My DD has started straining and passing very thick, pasty pellets about the size of a nickel over the past few days. They are still normal mustard color and she has plenty of wet diapers so I think...
  8. Re: the dreaded return to work - some pumping ?'s

    Extended breaks are the issue with even getting pumping sessions in so I won't be able to get home :D My hubby will bring LO to me so I will replace a pumping session at work with a nursing session...
  9. Re: the dreaded return to work - some pumping ?'s

    I wish I could miss the conference but it's not going to happen. Pregnancy was rough and I had to burn quite a bit of time before LO even arrived...I consider myself blessed to have coworkers who...
  10. Re: the dreaded return to work - some pumping ?'s

    I do shift work so will be gone in 10-12 hour blocks 3 days/week. They completely vary...any combo of days/evenings/nights. If I'm lucky, it'll be slow enough for me to pump twice during the time...
  11. the dreaded return to work - some pumping ?'s

    I'm already dreading my return to work in another 8 weeks - I know that I'm lucky to have 12 weeks off and my LO will be in good hands with her daddy but it still is tough for me to think about...
  12. Re: confused, in pain and ready to quit :(

    I've had the nipple pain at letdown for a while now (along with the bright red, dry, itchy nipples which prompted the treatment for thrush) but the tenderness to the L breast is new since last night....
  13. confused, in pain and ready to quit :(

    Hoping for some advice from the more experienced mamas out there...

    It has been a rough 4 weeks with my DD and I've been taking it one day at a time b/c I really want to keep BFing but have been...
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    Re: Thrush and APNO?

    Thanks! I know that it's safe for the baby but I wasn't sure I should actually be putting in on 12 (or more!) times a day.
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    Thrush and APNO?

    My LO is 4 weeks old tomorrow and we've been battling thrush - along with reflux, cracked nipples, mastitis and OALD. My dr. prescribed APNO for me which has been a godsend.

    I was wondering if...
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