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    Is Mucinex safe while bfing?

    I have a screaming baby right now... I am not breastfeeding because I'm afraid of mucinex in my breastmilk ... I couldn't find any info on Dr Hale's forum. Help.
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    Re: being told I can't pump

    I just read your posting and I have to say that it made me feel sad, very sad. Why is our culture so unsupportive of breastfeeding? Why do employers make it so hard on working mothers? I just...
  3. Re: Pediatrician said nursing after 18 months is not good nutrition

    LLLMaryP and LLL Rebecca:

    I need to tell you that I think my pediatrician may have blamed my bfing on my los dipping a little lower on the growth chart. He was in the 40th percentile most...
  4. Re: Pediatrician said nursing after 18 months is not good nutrition

    Thanks everyone for your views, which I think make a lot more sense than Murkoff's book. (I'm still a little worried about the ped's comment.)

    LLLMary P this is what I get from my nursing...
  5. Pediatrician said nursing after 18 months is not good nutrition

    I respect my ped so when she said that nursing beyond 18 months may actually be bad nutrionally, I started to worry. Also, the What to Expect the Toddler Years by Heidi Murkoff (page 32) cites the...
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    Re: Help! Losing Supply!

    I truly admire your commitment. I had milk supply issues too. I work full-time and I pumped 3x and still had milk supply issues. After reading messages on the forum, there were three suggestions...
  7. Re: Dealing with Obsessive Anxiety Issues-Should I wean?

    You should feel proud of your commitment to bfing and what you have already given your lo. Give yourself a big hug because you are an amazing mother. For me, bfing is a safe harbor, a refuge from...
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    Re: Hot Flashes & Acne..

    I had acne a few years ago - out of the blue. I traced my breakouts to the harsh soaps I was using and some ingredients in my makeup. The botanical stuff in some makeup lines can be irritating. ...
  9. Re: Week-long vacation - do I need to wean?

    Crazy idea but here it goes: Can you cancel the vacation?
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    Re: Please Help

    Do you have a fever? Do you feel achy, flu-like and have chills? I recently learned that these can be signs of mastitis. Definitely see your doctor. I thought I had mastitis but it may have just...
  11. Re: help - mastitis antibiotics and baby antibiotics

    Thank you again. I followed-up with Dr. Hale and a lactation consultant/nurse practitioner today regarding taking erythromycin for mastitis while my eleven month old is taking augmentin (amoxicillin...
  12. Re: help - mastitis antibiotics and baby antibiotics

    I just spoke to a LLL leader and to a pharmacist. The LLL leader looked up the medications and it seemed like it was OK. Then when I looked at the pharmacy print-outs again, there was information...
  13. Re: help - mastitis antibiotics and baby antibiotics

    I'm worried about the interaction of AMOX/POT CLAV SUS (the baby's med) and EryTAB (Eryth?--my mastisis med). Last week we gave my baby 5 days of AZITHROMYCIN but that didn't seem to work because he...
  14. Re: help - mastitis antibiotics and baby antibiotics

    I just spoke to my OB gyn again and explained the concern about mixing my mastitis antibiotics with the baby's antibiotics. He noted that both types of antibiotics we are taking are strong and tough...
  15. help - mastitis antibiotics and baby antibiotics

    Help... I have mastitis and I'm afraid to start the antibiotics because my 11 month old is on his second round of antibiotics for a nasty ear infection. Does anyone know whether this has any...
  16. Re: Please help me - how do I make it to a year?

    I will try to change my schedule in the morning. It's just so tough...I've been waking up late and literally rushing into the shower and out the door. I'm exhausted...the thought of more pumping at...
  17. Re: Please help me - how do I make it to a year?

    Thank you LLLShannon! I will contact a LLL leader and try to attend meetings. Unfortunately, I think all of the meetings are held when I'm working.

    I am grateful for your advice. Thanks again!
  18. Please help me - how do I make it to a year?

    I am away from my baby for 9 hours a day. I've been mostly breastfeeding for 9 months now. By mostly, I mean our caregiver gives our baby about 4 to 6 ounces of formula during the day. On a good...
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    Re: Hands free pumping needed

    I agree the easy expressions bra is the best for hands-free pumping. I've extended my pumping sessions at work because I get things done while I pump.
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    Re: We made it! It's official!!

    Congratulations!!! How wonderful!
    I love reading the messages in this forum. It keeps me motivated to keep
    going, pumping, breastfeeding in the middle of the night...

    I really want to...
  21. Re: What do all you working mamas do for a living?

    I am a federal government attorney. I really wanted to be a poet, though. DH is a university professor.
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    Re: I HAAATE pumping

    Keep it up. Don't give up. The way I got around hating pumping was I just started fooling myself into believing that I loved it. I brainwashed myself. Sounds nutty, right? It is. Anyway, try to...
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