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    Re: Colic or Reflux?

    It doesn't sound like either to me. It could be that you have a lot of milk and so he's getting a lot of lactose, proportionally. Lactose is hard to digest and makes babies windy. Some babies...
  2. Re: "you can't overfeed at the breast"

    Also remember these two things:

    (1) If baby does get too much, such as with fast flow, he/she will spit up more
    (2) Breastmilk is entirely bio-available by baby's gut. The components of what is...
  3. Re: 6 month old has not gained wt since

    Must be stressful dealing with weight gain like this. Other than the weight though, how is your baby? Are you worried? If you are worried, what do you think might be wrong?

    Now for the...
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    Re: Trying again after 2 months!!!

    Hi Pinkett,
    Ohh Pinkett! Sounds awful. If it's any help, I know so many women who cannot get any milk at all out of a pump, but the pump still stimulates supply, so it's worth continuing. Also...
  5. Re: Feeling Lost - 5 week old not gaining

    Chin up Mamabink! You were NOT wrong. If your daughter is gaining weight, has plenty of wet/poopy diapers, and is happy and generally content (evening fussiness is NORMAL!), then everything...
  6. Re: Baby not gaining well.. Please help!

    Hi Mommaluv! Virtual hugs your way. From afar, it doesn't look THAT concerning, but you are the Mom so you know your baby best and if you think something's not right, maybe something is (but at the...
  7. Re: I have to stop BF and baby hates formula!!!!

    Hi NCGIRL,

    First off ***HUGS***. This must be awful for you. I can't even imagine what you are going through. But big hurrah for coming in here for information and support!

    Now for that...
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