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  1. Re: How to decide if you're storing too much?

    I agree with 3boysmamma, keep about a week's supply on hand and donate the rest. I have a very large chest freezer at home (hehe chest freezer for my breastmilk) that I filled to the brim. Ended up...
  2. Re: question about methods to help with OALD

    Whenever I was out and about or traveling with my son, I made sure I had a few cloth diapers along for burp cloths. My OALD would spray across the room if I were sitting up, so I would take him off...
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    Re: Oversupply Out of Control

    I agree on cutting back on pumping very slowly. Also, the specialist I saw for my hyperlactation issues recommended that I stop double-pumping. Apparently, when you pump both breasts at the same...
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    Re: Better with bottle

    I am not sure about the oversupply, but forceful letdown is easy to identify. Do you feel the let-down strongly, even after months of nursing? Does your baby sputter or choke while nursing? If you...
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    Re: Blebs and Plugged ducts

    I also used to get plugged ducts from oversupply issues. My hyperlactation was severe, so the method of treatment recommended by my doctor may be overkill for you, depending on how bad your...
  6. Re: frustrated! reccuring mastitis/thrush!

    I can relate. I had mastitis 6 times over 7 months, though for a different reason (severe hyperlactation). If my breast still felt sore and firm after a few days of antibiotics, I either had a bad...
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