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    Re: Night nursing

    I waited for self-night weaning and by three she still hadn't done it and I was BURNED out and resentful. So I used Dr Gordon's method. It actually worked fine but was harder than it had been with...
  2. Re: beginning to wean my one year old

    When you mention feeding her a couple tablespoons of fruit, is that a puree that you are spoon feeding? You may find she shows more interest if you were to introduce self-feeding options like pieces...
  3. Re: Breastfeeding Issues - Super Frustrated

    Welcome! I'm really sorry that you are struggling. I have a few questions for you. What is your baby's diaper output? Is she receiving anything other than breastmilk? When you saw the LC was it...
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    Re: Low Milk And Breast Refusal 4 mo

    Have you tried to vary your breastfeeding position? Have you ruled out any physical issues like ear infection? Sometimes that can make the traditional nursing position hurt. Some babies accept the...
  5. Re: pinching and hands in face while breastfeeding.

    I wish I had thought longer term on this when my second child started nipple pinching while nursing. I thought "OH how silly and cute" until I realized she was 2 years old and I was so resentful of...
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    Re: 11 month old barely eats solids

    We used the practice of baby-led solids for both of our kids, starting at around 6 months for both of them. My son took to it so well and was eating a ton! My daughter took longer to accept food,...
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    Re: Unable to feed my new born

    All of the other mamas have posted some great suggestions. I just wanted to say that you CAN do this. :cheer It will take time and effort but you can definitely make this happen. Make sure that...
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    Re: Cluster Feeding

    Yup! Sounds normal to me. It can be tiring, but it doesn't last forever. Do you have any other kids? If not, I would just chill on the couch and watch TV or read magazines or whatever you want! ...
  9. Re: Started to wean and now have a plugged duct

    You may notice that going from three to two sessions led to this because you had a long gap between sessions. To prevent this happening again you could try pumping just a little bit in the afternoon...
  10. Re: Started to wean and now have a plugged duct

    Anytime you have engorgement you are risking plugged ducts. But other things also contribute. Pressure on the breast can lead to blockages aswell. For me, I could not wear underwire bras. Some...
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    Re: Breastfeeding 22 month old

    Rusty pipe syndrome is an actual breastfeeding possibility. It's not dangerous or worriesome though and usually suggested to just keep nursing. Sometimes the blood is not from a cut like you would...
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    Re: Probiotics for 5 1/2 month old?

    If you aren't sure about dairy, then look for a dairy free probiotic solution. We used udo's infant probiotics around that age with no issue. Those do contain dairy.
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    Re: Nipple pain is driving me crazy

    Congratulations on the new baby! I'm sorry you are having pain. I had pain for the first few days of nursing but it was more a stretching I think of the skin. Any sort of injury to the nipple is...
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    Re: Fast flow in evening only?

    I had a fast flow at letdown, regardless of supply. There are a couple things you could try. One being to manually stimulate your letdown and let the fast flow catch in a bottle or a burp rag and...
  15. Re: Decrease in number of feedings... Should I be concerned?

    Its not uncommon for babies to become more efficient at emptying the breast. Some become quick nursers. Some like to only nurse when the flow is faster so you could try breast compressions to...
  16. Re: Breastfeeding issues for Mommy and Baby

    Its ok to still feed on the bleeding nipple. Lots of air time, lanolin, and try to avoid bras until you have treated them all for thrush. Get to your doctor for the meds that mommal recommended. ...
  17. Re: help! - restarting or not after bf pause due to illness

    If it were me, and I was okay continuing, I would continue offering during the day only and maintain the night-weaned status and not falling asleep on the boob. It might help you feel more rested...
  18. Re: Symptoms of a second pregnancy...

    No judgement at all. I seriously cut my son back due to anxiety while nursing during a pregnancy. I do have a little guilt, but everything was as gentle as possible. I really feel like maintaining...
  19. Re: Is this considered a nursing strike?

    I also wanted to say that hormonally you are going through a lot. Those tears and stress are normal for a mom who is dealing with way less sleep than normal. Try to rest as much as you can and keep...
  20. Re: Is this considered a nursing strike?

    It sounds like you have a really good plan! Making sure she doesnt get hungry is a great idea. As is the skin to skin in the sling. Some babies latch on easily in the bathtub with you aswell. I...
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    Re: D-MER

    I have/had D-MER. It is challenging and very emotional. Especially when so many people say things like "Don't you just LOVE nursing?" And I was wanting to throw up. For me, a lot of times stress...
  22. Re: Symptoms of a second pregnancy...

    Congratulations! It is very safe to nurse during pregnancy. Some moms find it uncomfortable, and some moms have their milk dry up and their children naturally wean. My son gradually weaned around...
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    Re: dry diapers

    He may be starting to hold his pee longer. I would put the dry diaper back on and pay attention when he does go if it is a lot of pee.
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    Re: Need advice about Supply

    Have you started solids? Does she seem ready to experiment with solids? Like Shelly said, it is very common for babies' weight gain to plateau around 6-7 months, especially with an active baby! ...
  25. Re: Do any blw babies develop any eating problems at all?

    LOL. When Lucy lost weight after H1N1 we made avocado ice cream. It actually was good for us!
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