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    drying up one breast

    So, I posted a few weeks ago about my issues on my left side (plugged ducts, cracked nipples, thrush, bad latch, etc). Well, it progressed to full blown mastitis despite my best efforts. While the...
  2. Re: Cracked Nipple, Plugged Duct(s?), and Latch Issues, Oh M

    Thanks for the response. That analogy is very accurate. I told my husband that it is actually worse than birth, because it is self inflicted, and I can stop it anytime...but I shouldn't, and I have...
  3. Cracked Nipple, Plugged Duct(s?), and Latch Issues, Oh My!

    I am on my fourth child (12 days old) and have come up against a problem that I just don't know how to deal with.

    My left breast developed a crack just 2 days postpartum. I have been treating that...
  4. Re: 9 month low weight gain, feeding qs

    I'm just going to share my experience here, having just been through this and sent to a speciallist over it (I think the trip was unnecessary, but my dr. is over cautious because he isn't a...
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    Re: Constantly needing to pump.

    You said she gets tired easily. This is based on my experience with my 33 week son, but is it possible she is anemic? Was she tested before she went home? The reason I ask is that with my son, they...
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    Re: discouraged :(

    That actually sounds within the range of normal. You have to remember, breastfed babies use way more of the breastmilk, so they don't go as often.

    Also, babies don't know *how* to poop. It takes...
  7. Re: Returning to breastfeeding after first month in hospital

    With my son, who was 7 weeks early, his first latch came after skin to skin. I had tried latching him on earlier, but he wasn't having it, so I pumped. After pumping, I picked him up with my shirt...
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    Re: Milk labeling for daycare?

    I would also highly recomend putting the amount on whatever labels you use. Day care providers aren't always on top of looking at measuring how much is in a bottle before they give it to the baby,...
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    Re: $150 Budget for a Pump

    Lansinoh double electric is a good pump. I pumped for over a year for my older son with one before the motor started to die. I would not get a single pump even though it is medela; time issues are...
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    Re: Headaches

    My problem comes from tense shoulders. Sometimes the way you sit when nursing just tenses your shoulders, and doing it repeatedly can do a number on the bloodflow to your head. Try some relaxation...
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    Re: Second let down & Double pumping

    I would also say that if you are nursing at the same time right now, odds are you aren't getting much extra, and the second let down will come when you are at work. Typically, the advice is to go...
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    Re: Breast Reduction

    Hey, welcome to the forums. I had a breast reduction as well, about 1 year prior to getting pregnant. You can breastfeed after a reduction, but the degree to which you are successful can vary.
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    Re: Right for Pumping at Work

    A couple things. First, I wouldn't talk to your boss about procuring a place to pump, it is more of an HR issue. HR is more likely to know which rooms are occupied or dedicated to a use, and will be...
  14. Re: My doctor says... but what do you do?

    Also an interesting tid-bit, though I don't remember where I got it from. Sleeping through the night is supposed to refer to 5-6 hours of continuous sleep, not from when they go down to when they get...
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    Re: Going back to school and need help

    Another tip would be to let whoever is going to be her caregiver do the bottle. The breast is more comforting, so the fact that it is *you* bottle feeding her might be what is confusing her more than...
  16. Re: Planning to pump and give bottle almost immediately

    Honestly, if you know your teachers well, I would talk to them about bringing the baby to class with you for the first few weeks. Babies that little tend to sleep a lot anyways, so you could easily...
  17. Re: Back to work - low supply - Dr. gave me Reglan?

    If you are nursing full time, and then pumping on top of that, 1-2 oz is great! Keep in mind that once you go back to work, you will be pumping out what your daughter would normally be nursing out. I...
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    Re: Dumb sweet potato question

    I think you should go to the supermarket and in the produce aisle, get whatever they have listed as sweet potato and call it a day. Whether it is a yam or not is really irrelevant, because it is...
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    Re: Do you always pump?

    I would just be careful about not making a habit of it.

    I have a friend who really wanted to nurse her daughter as long as possible. She started out with oversupply, as you did. She started going...
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    Re: Help- Baby not gaining weight

    When you first said that, my first reaction was that he was reacting to the formula. But after hearing about 'several let downs' and 'sometimes he chokes', my guess is that he has an overfull tummy...
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    Re: 6mos but doesn't sit unaided

    Just a piece of advice regarding the sitting. My son (who is delayed on his solids, too, btw) didn't start sitting really well on his own until I stopped helping him. Stop putting her in the Bumbo on...
  22. Re: Pumping for Preemie (only .5 oz total/session)

    I would also like suggesting to call your insurance company. Ours paid for our rental hospital grade pump because my son was premie. We basically just got the doctor to 'prescribe' my breastmilk for...
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    Re: 11 month old vegetarian baby diet?

    I would advise talking to a nutritionist or dietitian about your baby's diet. There is a lot that goes into feeding a child a ballanced diet, and when you take out something like meat, which meets a...
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    Re: Gassiness

    I just had to share that my older son was very much like this. There was no mistaking when he had just pooped. I actually thought there might be something wrong with my younger son because he is so...
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    Re: Working out/exercise

    This is what I was going to suggest. Also, make sure your size is correct. I recently discovered that I am not the 38DD I thought I was. No, I am a 34 H :yikes . I am sure having correctly sized bras...
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