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  1. Re: What are you feeding your 7-8 month old?


    Hi!! MY little guy is 8 mos as well. I was here looking to find out what other 8 month old moms feeding schedules were too :) My DS was born 2-2-09 @ 6.1 lbs, so not too far off from...
  2. Re: Very sensitive nipples all of a sudden...

    I was just looking here for a post regarding this same issue. I have the same thing. I am nursing third baby and have just figured out that I get VERY sore for a few days right around ovulation. ...
  3. Sticky: Re: Scalding breastmilk due to excessive Lipase

    I am simply AMAZED that this thread is still going after over two years!! First of all I want to say thanks to all you moms who have experimented with the scalding and found simple, quick, &...
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    Re: daytime sleep (or lack thereof)

    My ds is 9 weeks, and I too have two older children, of which the youngest is disabled, so having a normal newborn is a "new" thing again. Almost like the first again :) Congrats!! The first few...
  5. Re: Having problems pumping...Please Help!!

    What is the More Milk Plus supplement, and where do you ladies find it??

    Mama to Julia-8, Collin-5, & Trevor born 2-2-09
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    Re: good news and bad news

    I pump and nurse, and have had some sensitivity issues too. My LC had me use hydrocortizone cream in between. It works well and is quick. You don't have to worry about cleaning it off before...
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    Re: Do I really have to toss it?

    I know its a few months later....so, kind of wondering what you ended up doing. But my thought is.....re-freeze it, but mark the bag. Then when you thaw it out, taste it and see if it's still good....
  8. Re: Need a good pump but w/out the big price!

    I too swear by my Avent Isis. I have two of them so I can double pump, I almost prefer it to my Medela. You can get the pump, storage bag, ice pack, and I think a couple of storage bottles for...
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