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  1. Re: Traveling with Frozen and Fresh Milk- How Long will it stay good?

    I recently traveled with a bag of frozen EBM in my Medela freezer bag with the hard freezer pack that comes with it. About 24 hours after I left, the milk had just thawed but was still very cold. ...
  2. Re: Never took a bottle. How do I wean? Confused...

    I'm in a similar situation - my DS will only take a bottle from his caregiver, not from me or DH. I would like to wean soon but am not sure how to do this when he will not take a bottle from me and...
  3. Weaning from pump when you have a lot of supply

    Cross-posted in Pumping board but I thought perhaps someone here might be able to help as well...

    My LO is about to be 11 months and my goal was to pump wean by a year. I was pumping 2x a day at...
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    Re: Going back to work and pumping

    I've never experienced mastitis, milk blisters, or plugged ducts, but I found that it didn't seem to be that important to keep to a strict schedule when I first returned to work, as long as I didn't...
  5. Pump weaning when you have a LOT of supply

    My LO is about to be 11 months and my goal was to pump wean by a year. I was pumping 2x a day at work up until a couple of weeks ago when I successfully cut that to once a day, basically by going...
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    Re: Poll: How long have you gone with no AF?

    At 10 months PP and counting. And in a similar situation, as I'd like to start trying for #2 in a couple more months...
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    Re: Only will breastfeed in one position

    My son likes the Born Free bottles. He was using the Avent ones at first but then decided he didn't like them anymore (which was also ok with me because of the potential BPA issues). We tried the...
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    Refusing to eat before bed

    My 10 month old is suddenly having a hard time with his last feeding of the day. Until about a week ago, he would eat from both breasts before going to bed, then generally sleep through the night. ...
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    Is he weaning?

    For the past week, DS (10 months) has shown very little interest in his last feeding before bedtime. He has traditionally fed from both breasts before going down for the night, but has started to...
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    Can I get my period back without weaning?

    DS is 9 months old. During the week while I am at work, I BF first thing in the morning and before bed at night and pump twice during the day. He generally sleeps through the night when not...
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    Reflux with breast but not with bottle?

    Is it possible that the position of breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding (less vs. more upright) is contributing to my son's reflux? My son (7.5 months) was treated for reflux a few months back and...
  12. On vacation with distractible infant - what to do?

    We are planning to take a 2 week vacation in late February with our now 7 (then 9) month old, and I'm a little bit worried. He was a great nurser for the first three months but we've struggled a bit...
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    Re: Eating too fast?

    I'm not engorged, and in fact this often happens when I try to feed him at 6 PM (when I get home from work) after having fully pumped at the office at 3.

    I keep telling myself this will get better...
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    Eating too fast?

    I think my LO (3 1/2 months) is growing to hate breastfeeding. He is clearly hungry and eager to BF, can't seem to wait for me to get my shirt open, but then he feeds for a few minutes, gulping the...
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    Confused about block feeding

    I believe I may have OALD and have read on these forums that one way to help with oversupply issues is to block feed my son (three months old). However, what confuses me is the fact that if I only...
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    Confused about block feeding

    I've been doing a lot of reading on these forums and have read over and over that block feeding is one way to reduce oversupply and OALD. My question is this: if I only feed one side at a time, for...
  17. Diagnosing Reflux vs. OALD vs. Dairy Sensitivity - NEED HELP

    My son is three months old and, up until a month ago, ate like a champ. He's always been a little gassy (though not at all what I would call colicky - in fact, he's mostly a very happy little boy). ...
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    Re: BFing on an airplane.

    I flew American this summer with no problems. You should be fine regardless of which airline you fly.

    RE: changing diapers on the plane, generally at least one lav on the plane will have a...
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    Hand sucking?

    My LO (3 months) seems to spend a lot of time sucking on his fist (he hasn't quite figured out how to get his thumb in his mouth). I can't figure out if this is a comfort measure or indicates...
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    How often should he eat?

    Just wondering if there is any rule of thumb as to how often a breastfed baby should eat. My son is 3 months old, fed on demand, and usually eats between 5 and 7 times per 24 hour period. Lately it...
  21. Advice on feeding problems due to Reflux in 11-week old

    I posted this on another forum as well, then realized it might actually be better suited to this one...

    Over the past couple of days, my son has started to exhibit what I believe are symptoms of...
  22. Advice on feeding problems due to Reflux in 11-week old

    Over the past couple of days, my son has started to exhibit what I believe are symptoms of reflux. These include excessive burping (loud, adult-sounding burps even a couple of hours after eating),...
  23. Help - Change in behavior and is it possible to OVERFEED?

    I am the first time mom of a 5 1/2 week old boy. He was 8 lb 13 oz at birth, lost 10% in the hospital, but was back up to 8 lb 14 oz at his 2 week appointment and shot up to 10 lb 13 oz at his 4...
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