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  1. Re: An ounce of prevention- using a consultant

    Hi and welcome! Congrats on the upcoming birth of your baby.

    I didn't use a LC as preventive care, but I just wanted to say that I dont know that you'll need to. Having the name of a trusted LC on...
  2. Re: Could you please add to our "menu?"

    You could try: blueberries, applesauce, plums, raisins.

    I made my daughter's food for about 6 months. I bought an old fashioned hand cranked food mill and would bake/cook whatever I was going to...
  3. Re: Well, We did it (or ARE doing it I should say)

    I know it seems like it now, but I dont think it'll always feel like this. Breastfeeding him as you did helped build a lifelong foundation of love, comfort and bonding. :hug:hug:hug
  4. Re: Well, We did it (or ARE doing it I should say)


    Weaning is rough. When M and I weaned, I was so sad even though I knew it was coming to an end and I was ready for it to be over. I missed everything you described. And I was...
  5. Re: Pumping at work - decreased production while at work

    I agree with the pps. When I was pumping, I found it helped to look at pictures of babies or come here and read about breastfeeding. Helped take my mind off so that I could relax. And that usually...
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    Re: new and in need of advice

    Yes, WIC in the US will loan pumps and or give them to you. Also, some insurance companies will pay for them. Might be a few things to look into.
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    Re: Trouble with pumping

    Hi there, Momma!

    Some questions:
    What time of the day are you pumping? Are you pumping after you nurse? What kind of pump do you have? How long do you pump at a session?
  8. Re: Starting Over, help! (Kind of long).

    Hey Momma! Congrats on the birth of your baby and welcome!

    It's not too late! I think the advice you got about pumping is good. I would offer the breast as much as possible. Do lots of skin to...
  9. Re: Back to work, I don't want to have to stop BF!

    Hey Momma!

    I am a FTWM too and I know that this can be stressful. Here is a good link from kellymom to help figure out how much milk you need to leave for your babe.

    Do you have a stash of...
  10. Re: need help/advice/encouragement...anything!!!

    Momma, it sounds like you are doing great! Dont let the doctor's input get you down. ALL BABIES ARE DIFFERENT!!! Some gain weight rapidly, some dont. It has nothing to do with your milk. You are...
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    Re: Pumping less effective..?

    Has the tubing pulled off a little? Or what about the knob that controls suction...sometimes my PISA knob would get pulled out and mess with suction.
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    Re: I feel like giving up

    That's awesome! You can do this Momma! Just take it one day at a time! :hug:hug:hug
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    Re: could this be teething?

    Sounds like teething to me. :ita

    Here's some info from kellymom on teething.
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    Re: when to start???

    If your LO is able to sit up well on his own without support, seems eager to try food and is interested in what you're eating and has developed a good pincer grasp, then he is probably ready.

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    Re: new and in need of advice

    Hi Momma! Welcome and congrats on the birth of your baby!

    It sounds to be like you are really on your way to establishing a solid breastfeeding relationship. Offering the breast as much as...
  16. Re: Feeding with bottle once per night?

    Hi and congrats on your new baby! I :love her name.

    I agree with the pp. I wouldn't skip a feeding. Breastfeeding is all about supply and demand. I know it's rough in those first weeks when you're...
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    Re: pumping frustration

    :hug:hug:hug Lyn.

    Pumping can be so hard sometimes. I agree with the mother's milk tea. And also, though TOTALLY easier said than done, try and relax. You'll pump out enough. If you have to dip...
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    Re: I feel like giving up

    :hug:hug:hug Momma!

    I think you got some great ideas from the pps. I would definitely consider milkshare or partial weaning.

    One other thing - I found that I had a lot of milk in the a.m....
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    Re: water and breastfeed baby???

    No! You aren't making a big deal out of nothing! Breastmilk is like 90% water - BF babies do not need it.

    here is some info from kellymom.
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    Re: How to pump

    I totally agree with Buff. Pump what you can, freeze it and before you know it, you'll have a stash. By June, you should have a really nice amount.

    This milk calculator on www.kellymom.com was...
  21. Re: Want to start again....some questions about supply

    I would keep offering the breast. I know several mommas whose LO's had bad latches that corrected over time. Just keep offering and see what happens.

    Good luck! :gvibes
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    Re: Milk Production...

    Totally agree with the pp.

    I really think the idea of talking to a dietitian is a good one. Also, perhaps speaking with a lactation consultant would be a good idea too.

    One of the best pieces...
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    Re: immediate pain when latched

    Any chance of thrush? Clogged ducts or mastitis?
  24. Re: Want to start again....some questions about supply

    I think it's totally possible for your milk to come back.

    here is a thread about relactation.

    You mentioned you were pumping before. Are you willing to try breastfeeding? The breast...
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    Re: Tubing broke while at work!

    I had this happen once when I was pumping. I called Medela and they rush mailed the supplies I needed without charging. Maybe that's the normal policy, maybe it was because I was...
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