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  1. Re: Beaten down by a milk blister

    What I see is a white patch of skin. Maybe that's the fresh scab? If I really smash Baby's head on my breast and hold her there tight then nursing is tolerable. But when she's no longer starving she...
  2. Re: Beaten down by a milk blister

    It does look like milk is coming out. But, ooooh it still hurts! Hopefully we're on the mend??
  3. Re: Beaten down by a milk blister

    Thanks for your reply! I think it's the crack I'm left with now. It's white looking, but not blistery... I'm not sure. I definitely felt some relief when the duct came unplugged which may have been...
  4. Re: Beaten down by a milk blister

    Oh, and my baby is nearly 4 months and she's a good eater who is gaining just fine...so all that is good...
  5. Beaten down by a milk blister

    I'm feeling discouraged tonight because my nipple is so so painful. I have a milk blister :( Baby always nurses to sleep and tonight I was nursing her with tears coming down my cheeks. Yesterday I...
  6. Re: How do longer stretches of sleep effect supply? Dream fe

    Thanks, Mommal! So you're saying as long as I'm nursing on demand everything will sort itself out & if my supply dips too much Baby will just nurse it back to where it needs to be?
  7. How do longer stretches of sleep effect supply? Dream feed?

    Hi. My 4 m.o. baby is occasionally giving us longer stretches over night. Hallelujah! Except...I'm wondering how to match that with my supply. We're talking about 5 hours a couple times a week -- and...
  8. Re: Will sleep when ready...is that true?

    I was just reading something about this very same question. The author reminded her reader that doctors are often thinking about this from only the nutritional standpoint, and not even long-term...
  9. Re: I am going insane -- is my LC crazy?

    Nursing 9 times a day doesn't sound like too much at all (not to say it doesn't get tiring!). All that pumping will definitely increase your supply! When I was on a nurse-pump "program" to increase...
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    Re: Sidelying nursing

    Thanks for the details. That's useful! We're going to try this tonight!
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    Re: forceful letdown tips?

    When I don't lean forward I see very little swallowing. It's getting better as she gets bigger, and when I have nothing but time I don't mind if it takes her an hour or more, but during the day I...
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    Re: BF Concerns

    I know the experienced LLL folks are going to ask about his pees & poops. Because acting really hungry isn't necessarily a sign that anything is wrong. And 3 weeks is a growth spurt time so he...
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    Re: Blanching nipple

    I had this too and it's no fun! Mommal has some great ideas, but one to add, for some seriously lovely relief, is to take a long shower and kind of make cups with your hands below your nipples and...
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    Sidelying nursing

    Hi. We're now able to do sidelying nursing & I LOVE that I can kind of doze off while she's contentedly nursing. But...we're not getting a great latch and I'm left with a tender nipple. Sometimes...
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    forceful letdown tips?

    Baby is now nearly 3 moths old and we're hitting our stride with breastfeeding. One minor issue: When I get a second letdown about 15 minutes in it seems to catch her by surprise and she tends to...
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    Re: help poor latch.. :(

    How're you doing today? My mom (a former LLL leader) reminded me often that there are all kinds of reasons to nurse, not just calories. And even if they're not getting all/any of their calories from...
  17. Re: Difficult BFing experience - need help!

    Oh mama, I hear you on the discomfort (aka pain) in feeding a newborn. I'll say it didn't get truly comfortable for us until the 8th or 9th week. It sounds like your baby's tiny mouth has trouble...
  18. Re: What is "normal" for nighttime waking?

    Thanks everybody! I guess my question isn't so much "is this normal" but more "should I stick with a pediatrician who's a good doctor but who's not-strictly-medical advice isn't in line with my...
  19. Re: What is "normal" for nighttime waking?

    This article series is great!! Thank you!
  20. Re: What is "normal" for nighttime waking?

    The other day I went to the library to get that book. But I was so tired I pulled the wrong book off the shelf and checked it out instead. It was the next day before I even realized.:lol
  21. Re: Frustrated and seeking clarity

    Regarding breast-feeding in public, one baby step towards getting out would be hitting your local Buy Buy Baby. Though that store is a beast and I don't like going there, I have been heading there...
  22. What is "normal" for nighttime waking?

    We went to the pediatrician a few days ago. Baby is now 10 weeks old. The pediatrician said she should be sleeping for 5–7 hours overnight. I'm not sure if she is talking about a breast-fed baby or...
  23. Re: 3 weeks into it; multiple problems already!

    Oh jeez! I totally feel your pain about supplementing and then weaning off supplements. What helped me both in terms of weaning and in terms of feeling confident about weaning off the supplements was...
  24. Re: Frustrated and seeking clarity

    I just snorted my coffee when I read this! I totally feel your pain. My baby is 10 weeks now and, to be honest, we rarely leave the house. Yesterday,when my husband got home from work he said "no...
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    Re: Gas!

    Thanks for all the ideas. We tried bicycle legs and keeping her head elevated and lots and lots of nursing. Her poops were fine yesterday all through the morning. She got vaccinated around 2 PM :( &...
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