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  1. Re: Weaning from breast to bottle help!

    Thanks I will try!
  2. Weaning from breast to bottle help!

    Ok so my LO is just short of his first bday and we have been successfully nursing this whole year. My goal was to nurse for a year since I didn't want to give him formula. Since I'm a SAHM he never...
  3. Quick question about nursing my 6 month old

    Hello ladies! I have a quick question... My DS is about to be 6 months old and still nurses very frequently. About ever 2-3 hours even at night :/ is this ok? Should he go a little longer between...
  4. Re: Should I? Or shouldn't I? Confused.. Help!

    Thank u for all ur replies! I definitely see this situation in a new light. I dont think I will be giving my LO cereal after reading this. I'm interested in BLS and will do some research on how...
  5. Re: Should I? Or shouldn't I? Confused.. Help!

    I meant *do the right thing :)
  6. Should I? Or shouldn't I? Confused.. Help!

    Hi! Ok so I'm going back and forth on whether or not I should give my LO rice cereal. He just turned 5 months old and I know the recommendation is 6 months of strictly breast milk. Btw I have been...
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    Question about poopy diapers

    Hello mommies! I have a general question. My DS is 16 weeks now and I'm just wondering what exactly is he correct number of poopy diapers he is supposed to be producing. I'm EBF. Lately he will poop...
  8. Breasts dont feel full...is my supply decreasing???!!

    Hello ladies!! Ok so for the past week, my breasts havent had that full/engorged feeling like they usually do. My LO also hasnt been nursing as often. Today he went almost 6 hours during in the...
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    Re: Teething?! Pls help

    Yes! It's only at night, during the day he is fine. Same thing w my baby...I have to walk him around.
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    Teething?! Pls help

    Hello everyone! Ok so I'm super frustrated! Past 2 nights my 3 month old gets fussy and doesn't want to nurse. He starts crying hysterically and sticking his hands in his mouth. He also drools alot...
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    Re: Baby drank spoiled milk! Help!

    Well the milk was frozen thawed and refrigerated for a few days which is the problem I'm sure. I wasn't sure and just read that thaw milk has to be used immediately. I feel horrible my poor baby. He...
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    Baby drank spoiled milk! Help!

    Today while I was away running errands my DB tried to give the baby a bottle of expressed milk. My LO kept spitting it out and crying until my DB finally tried the milk and realized it was sour! My...
  13. Baby sleeping through the night...will my supply decrease!?

    My LO is 9 weeks old and I've been exclusively breastfeeding. The past few nights I wake up with my bra and shirt totally soaked having to pump out the milk from the discomfort. Some nights it's not...
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    Ive heard alot about making sure my baby empties one breast before offering the other. How exactly do u know whether or not the baby has emptied ur breast and gotten the hindmilk?

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    A few concerns with my new baby

    Ok so I'm exclusively nursing my LO who is almost 4 weeks, lately I've noticed that his poop is green and a bit slimy. Is this normal?

    Also, About a week ago I started nursing lying down since...
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    Re: Please help! Starving baby!

    Thank u everyone who replied, I definitely feel a little better. The first week was pretty bad in reference to nipple pain. I scabbed up but those r now gone. I sometimes feel these sharp pains in my...
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    Please help! Starving baby!

    My baby is 2 &1/2 weeks now and is feeding ALL day. Sometimes he feeds for 2 hours straight. It's extremely frustrating and exhausting. I have no time to myself and I'm feeling like a slave to my...
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