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    4mo distractions

    My four month old has recently become very distracted while BF. She used to eat about twenty mins on one side and then ten on the other. In the last week I have only been able to get her to eat about...
  2. Re: Night time feedings with my 2mo

    Yes I am a nurse, and I am worried about getting enough time to pump three times during work. But thankfully we have a lot of new mommas on our floor so I am hoping we can all help each other out...
  3. Re: Night time feedings with my 2mo

    For my stash so far I have probably enough for a day and a half. I work three 12h shifts a week and I have my schedule so I don't work back to back days. I am hoping that will be enough...
  4. Night time feedings with my 2mo

    My daughter is 2mo and we EBF. During the day she eats about every two hours sometimes three depending on her naps. Her weight gain is on track and she has plenty of wet diapers. My question is kind...
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