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  1. Drop in pumping output at 9 months?

    My son was born July 2012 and I EBFed until 4.5 months when I went back to work. I pump 4 times when I'm away from him--right before I leave the house after I nurse him (around 6:30am), and 3 times...
  2. Re: Dr. & LC giving conflicting advice

    Thanks! Yeah, he's definitely not a dream feed baby--I tried it a few times and all it did was wake us both up and make us cranky.

    Before this schedule, he ate on demand. He used to eat every 2...
  3. Re: Dr. & LC giving conflicting advice

    We are going to get his tongue assessed--I'd be really surprised if he turned out to have a tongue tie. From what I've looked up online, at least, he doesn't show any of the symptoms. This current LC...
  4. Dr. & LC giving conflicting advice

    My little man was born 7/12/12. He weighed 8lbs, 15oz (although I think that may have been inflated a little because I was on fluids for so long.) When we left the hospital he was 8lbs, 1oz. He was...
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