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  1. Re: WEANING TOO SOON- please help!

    Thanks so much! I started doing this today but I am afraid that I am just not producing enough. My LO was on the breast ALL night last night and still was not satisfied. She woke up and tried to eat...
  2. Re: WEANING TOO SOON- please help!

    yeah, we are both on the thinner side I guess. I am caucasian and my husband is also Asian, and the woman on his side are shorter so maybe that plays a role like you said. I am not too worried about...
  3. Re: WEANING TOO SOON- please help!

    Thanks I will check out the links.

    My LO only has gained 3 1/2 pounds since 3 months old. She was 7 lbs 7 oz at birth and 13 at 3 months, and in the 90th%. She gained really fast in the beginning...
  4. WEANING TOO SOON- please help!

    I need some advice. My daughter and I have been struggling with nursing since about 6 months, and she is 10 months now. She seems to be slowly weaning herself. She just does not take the breast...
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    Should I pump my left side?

    Hi Mothers,
    I am a first time mother. My LO is 5 months yesterday. She has always preferred my right breast and will nurse on that side longer and more efficiently. Due to this, I have noticed that...
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