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  1. Re: 2.5 year old wanting to nurse ALL THE TIME?

    My untested opinion is that maintaining equilibrium is about creating a number of meaningful "wins" for a child. Life is tough for toddlers: they have just enough competence and independence to long...
  2. Re: The most beautiful comment on nursing

    Please do, Meg! And send some of Dettwyler's research her way too. ;)
  3. The most beautiful comment on nursing

    I received the most beautiful pro-full term breastfeeding comment today in our (Catholic) church. I HAD to share it!

    A lady who knows our family and saw DS2.5 nursing during Mass stopped to chat...
  4. Re: 36 hour trip--is pumping necessary?

    Not pump advice, but perspective around nursing frequency. Don't worry for a moment about your son nursing 3-4x/day at 2.5. My son is the same age and still nurses 10+ times per day. Every child is...
  5. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    While nursing today, DS29 months moved my hand onto my breast. I was wearing a ring with a rubellite stone on the hand he moved. DS proudly declared, "Now it's a boob-ellite!" and cracked up...
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    Re: Low milk supply at 20 months

    I find the nursing sessions that are most effective in regulating my supply are the nighttime ones. If I notice my supply dipping, I'm diligent about ensuring DS-almost-29mo, who cosleeps with me,...
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    Re: So bittersweet.......

    What a beautiful story to share! You sound like you're so in tune with your son that the last part of your nursing journey is likely to be gentle, loving, and sensitive to your son. You're an...
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    Re: Diarrhea and first period?

    Not the OP, but my family was recently hit with a viral gastro bug and diarrhea was part of the package for my poor DS. In his case, lots of rest and nursing brought him around, along with time to...
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    Re: Food and milk at 14 mos

    You'll be great! Nurse her right before you go and I bet she'll be peachy for 2-3 hours. Have a wonderful night! You deserve it. :)
  10. Re: Coping with sudden changes & nap time struggles

    My 2.25yo DS needs to nurse into sleep for his nap and multiple times through the night. That's normal for us, too.

    I'm beginning to suspect my DS has sensory processing disorder, in part because...
  11. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    As I was putting a shirt on yesterday, DS27mo leaned up from the bed like he wanted a kiss, the lunged at me like a cat with a giddy smile and latched on. He popped off, giggling wildly, and said,...
  12. Re: Unique Problem - Need Ideas (16m old won't illicit letdo

    I don't think you should give up. Your milk supply has likely taken a hit, which is exacerbating her existing preference for a fast flow. That's reversible.

    I'd contact Dr. Jack Newman today.
  13. Re: Handling requests to nurse in public

    Joshuasmommy, I'm so incensed on your behalf.

    One line of argument that might hit home is the fact that some immune factor concentrations in breastmilk increase with breastfeeding duration. Given...
  14. Re: nursing for HOURS in the morning

    If the ~1am feeding is being dropped, why not reinstitute it by dream feeding? That might fill her tank enough to secure a more restful sleep later. I can guarantee this will be easier than trying to...
  15. Re: Handling requests to nurse in public

    Urban Canada, in a downtown university neighbourhood. I'm definitely on the more enthusiastic, pro-toddler/preschooler nursing end of the spectrum. There is considerable sample bias at play. ;)

  16. Re: Handling requests to nurse in public

    ITA with mommal that reducing nursing in public is totally understandable and reasonable if done on your and your son's terms. :) +1 also for the riot act.

    If we're shopping or at a place where...
  17. Re: Handling requests to nurse in public

    I'd just like to add that I think children should generally be allowed to behave like children. Adult-level expectations, like sensitivity to the needs and sensibilities of others, should be reserved...
  18. Re: Handling requests to nurse in public

    My feedback may be too pie in the sky to be helpful, so please excuse my post if it sounds pithy. In a nutshell, I think the root issue is a cultural one that centres on you navigating your desired...
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    Re: Ready for the long haul

    Exactly. With the domperidone, and being a SAHM who can maintain a high-frequency relationship, he's maintained a great growth trajectory this year, save a few hiccups like the one I mentioned.

  20. Re: What supplies do I need if I am going to breast feed?

    Welcome to the forum, and congrats on your baby's upcoming arrival! You must be so excited! When is baby due?

    In order of importance, you need:

    1. Breasts ;)

    2. Water easily accessible at...
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    Re: Ready for the long haul

    Thank you all so much for your replies and for sharing your experiences. Your support is so appreciated! :)

    Mommal, a child doesn't need to be extremely underweight to "really need" milk-- he...
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    Re: Ready for the long haul

    This makes me think postpartum thyroiditis. Maybe that's confirmation bias speaking...

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    Ready for the long haul

    Hey ladies,

    As the title says, I'm ready to embrace nursing as a long-term reality for DS26mo and me. DS is a boy who still nurses like a newborn and, cognitively and physically, he's thriving on...
  24. Re: Very small toddler - 21 months/18lbs

    Your son is adorable! I think a good policy is to inquire with your son's paed if an issue feels like it merits discussion. If you are even slightly concerned, I think an open conversation can only...
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    Re: Teeth, teeth, and more teeth!

    From the team of IBCLCs I worked with for DS, I came to understand that latch needs to be revisited around the one year mark as babies outgrow old nursing positions. With my DS26mo, we had to shift...
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