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    Re: Can I brag about my boy?

    That's great. I wish my son would do that. He's more likely to close my book. :P
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    Re: Breast affection...

    My son sometimes blows raspberries on them instead of nursing, and then laughs. It's just hysterical. He also puts his hand down my shirt and grabs a nipple for comfort at times. He loves to have...
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    Re: Is this a phase?

    my son did that when we were on vacation. he only likes my cooking i guess. ;) it sures makes the diapers harder to clean though. lol. He tends to nurse a lot anyway, like every hour.
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    Re: Another funny nursing moment...

    So cute. Lately my son has been hugging everything. He'll hug the phone, the vanilla extract bottle, a teddy bear, sometimes even ME! :love
  5. Re: Can you please show me what your nursing "schedule" looks like for the day?

    My son doesn't go anymore than two hours without nursing night or day, and usually it's a lot less time in between than that. he's 15 months old.
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    Re: Why's he switching sides?

    Oh man, my son went through a stage where he'd switch every few seconds. It would drive me up the wall! He's always switched multiple times, but for a while there it was like he was just tripping...
  7. Re: I've been in tears all day because of this...

    What dentist in his right mind would recommend Crystal Light?? over human milk? What is he? some kinda nut?
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    Re: Tell for BFing.

    Caleb sticks his hand down my shirt and tries to pull my nipple out (ouch). When he's being more polite, he pats on my chest (and warms my heart). But the longest standing sign since he was very...
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    Re: How long is too long to wait?

    My son wasn't interested in eating at all until 9ish months, but even then, he liked me to feed it to him. Even now at 14 months, he prefers to be fed about half the time, but he also likes to feed...
  10. Re: 2nd child new to breastfeeding, have lots of questions

    I had thrush for a while without realizing it (my son had antibiotics after a reaction to a shot), and it HURTS. I took anti-yeast pills which were expensive and didn't work at all, and I used a...
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    Re: driven near insanity via twiddling

    That's what I do when he's annoying me. He thinks it's hysterical for me to pretend bite his hands/feet. Most of the time I just let the twiddling go though unless he's hurting me. He really seems to...
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    Re: 2 naps or 1?

    I have a paper route, and he wakes up during it at like 5am-ish, and then we go home and go to bed until around 10am, then we take a nap around 1 or 2 until 3-4ish. If we kept more normal hours, he'd...
  13. Re: breastfeeding moms of small babies--how not to worry?

    If you have been told that weight gain is not acceptable, look hard at this list of questions:

    * Is your baby eager to nurse?
    * Is your baby peeing and pooping well?
    * Is your baby's...
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    Re: outraged about british tv programe

    It is outrageous. What I plan on telling people when my son is older is that chimps and gorilla babies get to nurse until their 5 and my son isn't going to be deprived of anything some dumb monkey...
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    Re: one used to seem so old...

    ANd here I thought I knew everything there was to know...You learn something new every day. Thanks, mama. :gvibes
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    one used to seem so old...

    It's so funny how when I was pregnant or had just given birth I thought that breastfeeding until he was a year old would be hard. HA! I can't even imagine stopping. My son would have a complete...
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    Re: Well Visit Vent

    Next time if he asks about sleeping/nursing, tell him it's none of his damn business. Sorry, but us mothers gotta stop taking this ***** from our male doctors. It's so rude.
  18. Re: How can I convince my 6 year old to stop?


    I don't have any advice on getting him to stop, but I found this article interesting about nursing beyond toddlerhood.
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    Re: Should I stop her?

    My son was like that when he was little, and I know what you mean about getting worn out. I have two opposing suggestions. I used to feel like I wasn't getting to do anything, and would feel worn out...
  20. Re: Are there any more nursing older toddlers?

    That's awesome. I wish more kids had the chance to see nursing as normal.
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    Re: Do you take prenatal vitamins?

    nope. i was concerned about the added iron.
  22. Re: Little 18 month old...should I worry?

    God, it sounds like your doctor is trying to give your baby a heart attack! And they wonder why heart disease is the major cause of death in the US. Not to mention childhood obesity. I would switch...
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    Re: What else do you all feed LO?

    my son has 2 teeth, and he eats everything (whole homemade foods, not processed crap, and no nuts or anything like that). Seriously he chews on raw veggies and apples. I watch him close to make sure...
  24. Re: How old is your toddler and how often do they nurse?

    My son is ten months (sorry I know this is a 1 year+ board), but he nurses every hour at least, and shows no signs of slowing down.
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    Re: 12 month check up

    AUGH! Cow's milk is for baby cows! Does your doctor see any other animals drinking another animals milk?? The more you think about it the grosser it sounds. I don't understand why people think humans...
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