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  1. Re: letdown, oversupply, green poops

    He fusses mostly during the waking hours. Night feedings are usually just fine. I think during the day he is fighting sleep. He has colic, so I took him to the chiropractor on Friday. They suggested...
  2. Re: letdown, oversupply, green poops

    THanks for the help! I've actually tried doing the block feeding, just didn't know it was called that. but my little guy just cries and cries if I leave him on the same breast. So I end up switching...
  3. letdown, oversupply, green poops

    My baby is 6 weeks today. He has had reflux/colic symptoms since 2weeks of age. He has had green poops for about 1 - 2 weeks now. He will fuss at the breast at some - not all - feedings hitting and...
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    Re: I am so sad!

    If she is not a mommy yet, she just doesn't 'get it'! She may very well change her mind when her little one is still nursing after a year. I would let her know she hurt your feelings but also let her...
  5. Re: DS hits himself in head while nursing?!

    My daughter (15 months) has done this from a very early age. I always attributed it to her trying to keep herself from getting too comfortable. She has always fought sleep and nursing is definitely...
  6. Re: prescriptions for increasing milk supply

    Hi. I got a rx for reglan from my ob but couldn't take it.Caused me to have panic attacks. I got domperidone over the internet and it worked great!!! No side effects!
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    Re: I am giving up!

    Wow. I'm so sorry you are having this problem! Have you tried taking some herbal supplements to increase your supply? Some people make less milk when they start pumping instead of nursing, which you...
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    Re: mother's milk

    Check out www.motherlove.com They have great products! I use the More Milk Herbal Supplement. Good luck!
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    Re: Ddomperidone dosage

    I take 4 tablets 3 times a day or 12 tablets a day. Each tablet is 10mg. I am now starting to taper off 1 pill a day for a week or so and see if I can keep my supply going taking a smaller dosage....
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    Re: Ddomperidone dosage

    check out globaldrug.tv
    They have domperidone for sale without prescription. I use it and it has definitely helped! BTW, I live in Warrenton, MO! We're neighbors!:)
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    Re: Discouraged about Supplementing

    Check with your local LC. They can weigh your baby before and after feeding each breast and that can give you a great idea of how much they are actually getting. You really just need a scale that...
  12. Re: Some questions/concerns about low milk supply/prolonged bleeding

    I have to say I can sympathize with you. I also had a long labor with complications at delivery. :( (Meconium and placenta was infected. Baby had to be intubated immediately after birth) I also...
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    Re: any odd tricks and ideas?

    I have used domperidone and it has definitely helped. Not enough for me to stop supplementing, but sometimes I can get up to 8 ounces pumped each day instead of the 3 - 4 I used to get. You can get...
  14. Goats Rue: anyone have info on it?

    :) Has anyone tried Goats Rue for increasing breast milk production?:confused: I want to know if it is any more helpful than all the other things I have tried or if it would be a waste of time to...
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