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  1. re-introducing toddler to breast

    My son weaned at 3 months due to my not having the support I needed to get through some problems. I am now pregnant & due in late January. I would love to have my son (who will be 1yr 8mos) have...
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    finally got things going!

    Like so many of you, breastfeeding my lo has been a real challenge. He is 3months now and complexly off formula at night. He loves breastfeeding, so he refuses the night bottle and has adjusted his...
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    always correct a bad latch?

    My lo tends to purse his upper lip down over my nipple when feeding. It doesn't hurt me at all & he is definitely getting enough milk--my question is do I just leave it alone? I think it is his way...
  4. Poll: Re: Did you have a goal on how long you wanted to bf?

    Before my lo was born, I was sure we'd BF for at least a year...once he was here, I had such a struggle getting BF established--PPD, etc. that it seemed like that goal was ridiculous--but my doula...
  5. Re: 2mo refusing breast sometimes...

    So, how should I go about this during the day? When he just turns his head away from my breast and then he starts getting frustrated & it turns into screaming? I'm hoping to learn some tricks to...
  6. 2mo refusing breast sometimes...

    My LO loves to nurse first thing in the morning or while half asleep during the day. As my supply dips during the day, he will turn his head and refuse any enticements to nurse. I am pumping and...
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    Re: when can i start breastfeeding?

    Also using breast compression to get the milk flow into the babe's mouth works when my LO falls asleep--look at the Dr. Jack Newman handouts & videos on the web--(I don't have the link, so just...
  8. a doctor told me NOT to continue BF

    I just saw a GP for a headache & he told me that since I'm being treated for PPD (with Emsam patch), that I should not breastfeed due to the "depression chemicals" altering my breastmilk.

    I know...
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    Re: nipple confusion

    Thanks, Rebecca! That's what I needed to know--that I could allow him to fuss without him starving or getting dehydrated. When he starts getting so frustrated, I just feel so helpless & I go for...
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    nipple confusion

    Due to separation from my lo at night for 5-6 hours, we've been supplementing formula at night. I am now pumping and building a freezer stash & my goal is to switch to EBF for his night bottles very...
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    Re: buliding freezer stash

    I have to take a medication that literally knocks me out for 5-6 hours. When my LO is older, I am hoping that my DH can help him latch on, but he is only 5 weeks & I have to work to nurse him during...
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    buliding freezer stash

    How much of a freezer stash should I have before I start using it for nighttime feedings? Currently, my LO takes 8-12oz of formula each night & nurses all day. I want to phase out the formula to...
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    Re: feeling overwhelmed

    Thank you everyone!!! I really needed to read some supportive posts today! I'm hanging in there--and my husband is really helpful. I can do it, as long as I know that it will get better.

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    feeling overwhelmed

    I have a 2yo daughter and 5 week old newborn who is nursing. I am really starting to feel an overwhelming sense of anxiety and fatigue with nursing on demand and pumping for night bottles (my...
  15. Re: please tell me how to do this...

    During the day, he nurses every 2-3 hours & I pump right after that. My husband sleeps with the baby while I sleep with our 2yo in the master bedroom--he wakes up & gives him the bottles.

  16. Re: please tell me how to do this...

    Thanks, ladies!--to answer some questions:

    -I am knocked out for 5 hours, so I can't pump
    -my lo is 5 weeks old & is taking 2-3 4oz bottles per night
    -I have an Ameda Purely Yours double pump...
  17. please tell me how to do this...

    I am unable to breastfeed or pump at night due to medication I need to take at bedtime (it completely knocks me out for 5 hours & I cannot go without it). Currently, I'm EBF'ing during the day & my...
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    pumping for night feeds

    What is the best pump for pumping during the day for night feedings? How often should I pump during the day & will not pumping at night decrease my supply?
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    giving baby an occasional bottle

    Our whole family (including me) is down with the flu & last night I allowed my husband to give my 3 week old a bottle of formula because I just needed some rest. Will giving an occasional bottle...
  20. Re: milk letdown stronger at night?

    Thanks--that link describes exactly what my lo is doing!
  21. milk letdown stronger at night?

    I have a 3 wo who nurses great during the day, but at night we go through 4-5 hours straight of him latching on and pulling back & off the nipple as though my letdown is too strong. He does not...
  22. Re: how long do feedings every 2 hours last?

    Thanks--I have him in the pack & play next to my bed. We cosleep with my 2 yo daughter, so my husband is in the bedroom with her & I'm in the baby's room on a twin bed so she can rest.
  23. how long do feedings every 2 hours last?

    About how long do newborns feed every 2 or so hours? My son is 2 weeks old & I'm trying to figure out when the feedings won't be so frequent--I'm wondering if I'll ever get 4 or more hours of sleep...
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    2 week old eating habits

    My son is having great diaper output, but I'm wondering about something...All the things I've read say "when baby is finished with one breast, offer the other"--my baby finishes one breast, then the...
  25. New Mama--questions about sore nipples

    I just had my son 2 days ago, and he is a great nurser! I am having some nipple soreness & bleeding & need some advice. It's not excruciating pain, but not comfortable. I am using Lansinoh and...
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