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  1. Re: toddler still nursing ...mama ready to wean

    I meant stay AWAKE, not AWAY! The whole point is not to be away from your baby.
    Also, LLL' "Good Nights" is another good one.
  2. Re: toddler still nursing ...mama ready to wean

    Hi everyone;

    It is not necessary to let determined little ones cry it out in order to get them to sleep without nursing or to sleep in their own beds. It does take a little more work and patience,...
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    Resenting work

    I'm a full time undergrad and rather than being excited to be back in school after 8 months off (like I had expected) I find I resent it for taking me away from my baby. I "should" be done this year,...
  4. Re: My poor DS struggles with oversupply

    I had the same problem with dd, who is now 4 mnths and doing great. What I was told, and what worked, was when she pulls off because of the fire hose, that's okay, just let her come back when she's...
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    Re: Cow's Milk Before 12 mos. Question

    I see a specialist for environmental hypersensitivity (sort of like an allergist, but deals more with sensitivities and diseases like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and saw him in May for a check up. I...
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    Re: Mixed feelings about breastfeeding

    I completely agree with Brittan. You're obviously a great Mom who is very devoted to your child. I myself was a very clingy child, and still to this day as an adult I can clearly recall the strong...
  7. Re: Ouch! Ready to give up... :( Help please...

    Even though dd's latch was good, I found the first while very tender because, well, my nipples just weren't used to that much usage! After a while it went away and I'm fine. Maybe it's just the...
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    Re: Soapy Smell

    My friend gave me some of her baby's bottles to use with dd. She had washed them thoroughly so I just expressed right into it. DH was going to give it to DD a few hours later, but it smelled really...
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    Re: allergies and cereal study?

    Thanks for the responses! I have environmental hypersensitivity and my specialist told me the most important thing to do to help prevent allergies in my dd is to rotate her diet. Introduce things...
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    Re: She's been on my boob ALL DAY!!!

    I know how you feel - dd did the same thing. I remember being really bored for a lot of it - also because at three weeks I wasn't really up to doing a whole lot myself - still recovering from labour!...
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    allergies and cereal study?

    Has anyone else seen this article?
    It's about a new study suggesting that waiting until 6 months to introduce cereal actually increases the risk of...
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    Re: I'm really irritated

    What an incredibly rude comment! I don't agree, but it is more understandable when someone in our culture sees a five year old being nursed, but an eight month old?!?! My husband was weaned at 8...
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