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  1. Re: 20 Week Old Dropping Weight Percentiles, what to do?


    Hmm it's a very consistent weight gain and only slightly under average. I'd look to a lactation consultant first to see if there was any...
  2. Re: Considering weaning at 3.5 months due to insomnia


    Magnesium is the mineral...
  3. Re: 20 Week Old Dropping Weight Percentiles, what to do?


    Hi mama. I'd say that the gain for the last two weeks is concerning but as they were on different scales, I'm not going to completely trust...
  4. Re: Is it possible to increase milk supply for a 5-mo old ba

    It's a combination of things but I also had oversupply with my first so it's mostly natural.

    Otherwise, I'm tandem nursing so while my youngest gets priority, my eldest does nurse several times a...
  5. Re: Is it possible to increase milk supply for a 5-mo old ba

    Both my boys went through very distracted phases at that age. I hope it's the same for you and her behavior changes in a few weeks. I do agree that a quiet room or sometimes a sling can be very...
  6. Re: Ideas for Quality Marital Time (Without Pumping?)

    I actually worked at this particular theater in my teenage years so I knew the days and times it was least likely to be a bother and that they were willing to accommodate customers that way. We...
  7. Re: Is it possible to increase milk supply for a 5-mo old ba

    It is possible to increase supply at almost any point. However, I'm wondering if your supply is really low or if the typical decrease from...
  8. Re: Ideas for Quality Marital Time (Without Pumping?)

    We took our oldest to a movie when he was very young. We went on a Tuesday morning to the first show, hoping to have the theater to ourselves in case the baby cried, which he did. We also asked them...
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    Re: Tips on increasing supply?


    Nursing is supply and demand so nurse/hand express/pump as often as possible to increase your supply. It may be possible to feed baby from just one...
  10. Re: Does Anyone Choose Not to Pump?

    Yep I hate pumping. I have a brand new hygeia q that has only been used maybe six times in the right months since my youngest was born. I pumped three times in week twelve. We had a few easy days...
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    Re: Do I have to stop?

    My son had to go under general anesthesia for a root canal and crown at 20 months. His dentist was fine with us nursing as soon as he woke up from surgery (and bm was allowed two hours after other...
  12. Re: Latch/Unlatch 10.5 months old

    Could you be pregnant? Sometimes lowered supply, nipple pain, and a fussy baby are the first symptoms a nursing mother notices.
  13. Re: Can a baby be "allergic" to breastmilk?

    This is a theory on bloody stools from Dr Jack Newman. It may be worth an email to him for his opinion which you could take to the GI.
  14. Re: Gassy, no one is sleeping, what am I doing wrong?

    Yes. Here are the symptoms of food allergy as listed in Dr Sears The Baby Sleep Book:
    -baby gassy or bloated after a feeding
    - can hear or feel intestines churning after feeding/generally irritable...
  15. Re: Gassy, no one is sleeping, what am I doing wrong?

    Sorry if I overreacted. That last line seemed aimed directly at me and seemed to imply I shouldn't have even mentioned it. For what it's worth both my boys gained wellandseemed healthy. Neither ever...
  16. Re: Gassy, no one is sleeping, what am I doing wrong?

    Yes great I understand it all it could be normal. I am simply writing my experience and providing the resource I used to make the decision to change my diet. I waited weeks even though I felt dairy...
  17. Re: Gassy, no one is sleeping, what am I doing wrong?


    This article was very helpful when my youngest son displayed many of the same symptoms. Painful waking, hiccups, grunting in his sleep, painful gas....
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    Re: When to worry about weight?

    I wondered that same question myself after posting today!
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    Re: When to worry about weight?


    Here are the charts for calculating breastfed babies gain. I'm too fuzzy this morning to try the math myself. It is typical for breastfed babies gain to...
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    Re: No weight gain


    Actually 2-3 oz is perfectly average for mom to pump between sessions. You'll need 1-1.5 oz per hour you're gone from baby. So a 8 hour separation...
  21. Re: New situation : Fussy at the breast, wants to comfort su


    Some babies really don't need to sleep more than one 45-55 minute sleep cycle. This is one of those baby 'expert'...
  22. Re: Nursing 14 month old + possibly TTC -- supply question

    I conceived ds2 when my oldest was 2. I didn't notice a decrease in supply until nearly 12 weeks. It quickly dropped to absolutely nothing by 15 weeks but a small amount of colostrum came in at 21...
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    Re: Understanding baby

    Well nursing usually solves all three issues. My former LLL leader said offer to nurse whenever they blink at this age. No matter what the fear mongers tell you, this is not a bad thing. Overuse of...
  24. Re: my baby eats a lot at night every 45 minutes. he is 10,



    I'm not sure if you mean in the evenings or at night? My first...
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    Re: 9.5 months transition?

    19--12 months is a common time for babies to have a decreased interest in nursing. Increased mobility and slower growth rates mean less time nursing. I'd lurked on here long enough that I knew it was...
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