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    Re: low milk supply--HELP!!!!!!!

    Hello babygirl. I'm going through the same thing. My dd is also 13 weeks old and I haven't gone back to work. I will be going back in January. Anyway, I started noticing my low milk supply yesterday...
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    Re: Rooting, trying to eat fist constantly...

    Hello! Sounds like a growth spurt. My DD was doing the same thing when she was 3 weeks old. She used to fall asleep at my breast so I would put her down. Then 10 minutes later, she would want to...
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    One boob bigger than the other

    My right boob is bigger than my left and it feels fuller. I get more let-down from it while feeding (from the same boob). I BF my DD from both sides equally... at least I think so. I switch breasts...
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    Re: Cracked nipples

    As the other member mentioned (I forget who), lanolin ointment might help. It worked for me. But mine were not too cracked to begin with but I think it would've been more cracked if I didn't start...
  5. Re: 2 Qs: Feeding Frequently, Falling Asleep While Feeding

    Oh yeah, I usually don't switch breasts because my DD is usually done from one side. But the last few days, I notice that she would feed for a few hours too, just like what you called 'feeding...
  6. Re: 2 Qs: Feeding Frequently, Falling Asleep While Feeding

    Hi sweetiejo5. About the screen name, when my husband has my DD and he notices she's hungry, he would say, "let's go to the milk truck". Anyway, thanks for the advice. I sure am tired but I am not...
  7. Re: 2 Qs: Feeding Frequently, Falling Asleep While Feeding

    Hi AJsmommy (Shannon), thanks for the reply. I will try that wash cloth thing next time. Being a new mom is definitely challenging.
  8. 2 Qs: Feeding Frequently, Falling Asleep While Feeding

    Hello! I have a newborn daughter who is turning 6 weeks tomorrow. She seems to nurse frequently even at night. I heard that by this age, they should start nursing more during the day and less at...
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