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  1. Re: Is nursing 4 times a day enough?

    It's a scale, much like the one at your Ped's office that weighs your baby, but it works a little differently. You would weigh your baby before nursing, then again afterwards, and it will tell you...
  2. Re: Is nursing 4 times a day enough?

    Your child is much more efficient at the breast than a pump, so generally your child is getting more milk than what you can pump in a normal session. This varies from mother/child to mother/child...
  3. Re: Birth Control Method - Mirena - anyone have this or using it?

    I have the Mirena IUD. It was uncomfortable and a slight bit painful to have inserted, but that ended as soon as my midwife was done inserting it. I had cramps for the rest of that day and half of...
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    Re: tomatoes cause diaper rash?

    My pediatrician recommended we wait until at the very least, 10 months, to start tomatoes due to how acidic they are. It depends greatly on the baby and how mature their digestive system is... some...
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    Re: Many Days have Passed...

    The best way to boost supply is to put baby to the breast. I don't really have any other advice for you, DD was a very passionate nurser from day 1 and my supply has always been fine, so I don't...
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    Sore Breast

    BF has been going great, we made it to 3 months already. Yesterday morning I woke up with a sore breast! The right side of my right breast is pretty tender and painful. It almost feels as if it is...
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    Preparing bottles of EBM

    Alright, I'm having some trouble with warming up my milk. DD is just now starting to take a bottle (after buying out the entire stock of bottles at Babies'r'us :rolleyes: :eye ) so that DH can feed...
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    Re: eyes and nose...

    I'm also on the larger breasted side and some positions we nurse in require me to hold part of my boob off of her nose, some don't. We have been EBF since day 1 with great output and weight gain and...
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    Re: Green Poop

    I had the same problem with my DD. Tickling, undressing, any form of stimulation just would not wake her up. Turned out she was just bored with my flow slowing down after the initial let down. ...
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    Few concerns...

    I have 2 minor issues.

    1.) My nipples are starting to slightly burn after feedings and are occasionally tender while nursing. I'd call it more of a burning discomfort than a burning pain. I...
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    Re: Weird nipple bump?

    I went to see my midwife yesterday, and it turned out to be a "plugged" Montgomery Gland. She said it wasn't infected, but deffinately blocked up somehow, which was causing me pain. I had to put...
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    Re: Weird nipple bump?

    Here is a picture of the bump. It's on the skin around my nipple.. the areola. From what I've read about infected Montgomery glands, I'm pretty sure that is what it is. Hopefully my midwife will...
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    Re: Weird nipple bump?

    I think I do have an infected Montgomery gland. Thanks so much, Momma1!! I'm still trying to get a hold of my midwife to make an appointment to see her today or tomorrow.
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    Re: sorry if im repeating myself..

    Lipstick nipples are when your nipple gets creased from a shallow latch and make your nipples into the shape of a brand new lipstick. Very painful :(
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    Re: Weird nipple bump?

    There is more to this forum that I don't know about? :yikes How do I get access to the private sections? y'all have been holding out on me!! :lol

    Anyhow, the montgomery gland looks sort of like...
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    Weird nipple bump?

    I wasn't sure where to post this...

    Over the past few days a strange bump has appeared on my left areola. It looks sort of like a swollen pimple, but it is starting to get painful to the touch. ...
  17. Re: Avent Isis IQ vs. Medela Pump in style

    I've only used Medela brand pumps. I'm currenly using the Medela Single Deluxe since I'm a SAHM and only need it for occassional use. I've heard good things about the Medela Pump In Style though. ...
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    Re: AGH! What could be wrong?!?!

    I can feel my let downs in between feedings, but while I'm nursing DD I can't feel a thing!! weird.:shrug anyhow, I'm glad things are looking up! My DD will do the same thing sometimes. She will...
  19. Re: What's up with this clicking???

    You can find a local LLL leader or group here. :gvibes
  20. Re: How long does your baby sleep at night

    My DD is 5 weeks old and sleeps from 11:30pm until about 4:30 or 5am. I was wondering if this was too long for her to sleep considering she is so young, but even when she wakes at 5am she doesn't...
  21. Re: Thrush, no symptoms is this true!?

    I kept a burp cloth or small towel with me, I hung it out of my back pocket while hanging around the house just in case I sprung a leak. I'm sorry it doesn't seem to be getting better... please hang...
  22. Re: Thrush, no symptoms is this true!?

    I was having serious latch issues for the first couple weeks with my DD, leaving my nipples in SERIOUS pain! While DD and I were working on her latch, I went bra-less and sometimes completely...
  23. Re: New to pumping/storing, i've got a few questions

    Thanks ladies!
  24. New to pumping/storing, i've got a few questions

    I am just now starting to build up a backup supply of EBM for babysitter purposes or so my DH can feed the baby occassionally and I was just wondering what the most efficient way to thaw my frozen...
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    Re: Question about nursing bras?

    I wore my nursing bras all throughout my pregnancy because they gave me the best support and comfort than any other bra I found. I am in a size 36E, but now that I am nursing I don't think they fit...
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