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    how much should come out

    I am currently pumping for my now three week old preemie. She is being tubed fed until she we can start getting her to latch i only pump atleast 1.5oz every three hours and when i try to do it every...
  2. Re: Keep going.. encouragement from 27+5 mum

    going thru the same thing and was feeling a little bum about my breastfeeding pumping plan but im sticking to my guns well plastic pumps till i get babygirl to fully feed from boobs alone thanks for...
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    Re: Pumping/Nursing Problems

    I too have a nicu baby and use the Ameda that was prescribed by my WIC lactation consultant. I pump only 1.5oz every three hours and if lucky get 2oz in the middle of night when my hormones are high....
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