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  1. Longest Stretch at Night Without Affecting Supply?

    Hi my twins are 8 months old, almost 9 (later this month). What is the longest stretch I can have without negatively affecting my milk supply? Is it 6 hours? 8 hours maybe? :D

    They have been...
  2. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottles

    My twins are exclusively breastfed but sometimes we need to offer a bottle but I want to use one that is the closest to breastfeeding and won't cause nipple confusion. We were using BreastFlow by...
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    Re: Left Breast Not "working"

    Wow, I'm having the same dilemma (left breast) as well, only I have twins to work with! Is there anything different I have to do? I think I'm doing all of the above but haven't seen any noticeable...
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    Poll: Re: Avent vs. Medela?

    Thanks for all the helpful responses! I forgot about the Medela Harmony, which costs a lot less than the Avent Isis and reviews are pretty good. I've also read that Medela's plastic parts are...
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    Poll: Avent vs. Medela?

    I'm planning to purchase a pump for that "occasional bottle" and for when my LO reaches six months old, which will be the time to introduce solids. I haven't had a need for one since LO is...
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    Is baby getting enough milk?

    My 3 month old son used to feed for about 10-15 minutes each side, but lately he seems to be feeding much less. Sometimes he'll feed for 10 minutes on one side, then less than 5 minutes on the other....
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