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    Re: Bottles never dry

    Are you using a drying rack? I had Dr. Brown Bottles and never had a problem with them drying. I mean some may have taken a litlle longer than others, but never that long. Sometimes I would shake...
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    Re: Replace Parts for New Baby?

    I used mine for both of my children. I cleaned everything before I stored it, but recleaned everything again before using it for #2...mainly "just in case" and because it was sitting for 18 months...
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    Re: question for working mama's

    I know exactly how you feel!! I was SO jealous of my babysitter for my DD. She would be SO excited everyday telling me all the new things she did. I wish she would have just kept it to herself, so...
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    Re: Teacher ??

    I'm a Music Teacher and was able to bf both my babies for 14-17mos while teaching. The first one I went back in Jan when she was 3 mos old, but my 2nd I went back in Aug when he was 3 months old and...
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    Re: Best Manual Pump?

    I used a Medela Harmony for manual. It works well, but prefer the PIS. It's odd that you better results with manual. A lot of times I had to keep it on a lower setting though. If it was too high...
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    Re: Help!!! DS won't take bottle!

    My DD and DS were very picky about the type of bottles they took. My daughter did best ont he First Years Breastflow bottles. I tried a couple others and she would drink it so fast and would want...
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    Re: Pumping in a bathroom?

    I would not pump in the bathroom at work...of course I work at a school and the bathrooms are nasty...even if they don't look like it. :P I've pumped in a lot of different places though. In a...
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    Re: Weaning/weaned :(

    I am glad that he didn't have any problems weaning. It bothers me more than him. He was getting upset with me for trying to get him to nurse, so I had to let go.

    I've been lucky. My daughter...
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    Re: Sore breast?

    Oops. Just saw that you replied to my weaning post.
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    Re: Sore breast?

    I got back on 8/15. :( I only added one or two and only to that side. Mainly because it hurt and I knew him drinking would help. My son decided to wean this week. We were only feeding 1x a day...
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    Re: Sore breast?

    It sounds to me like a plugged duct. I had the same pain (or sounds of it) about a month ago (DS was 14 months also) and it was on the underside of my one breast. It didn't feel like a large lump...
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    Weaning/weaned :(

    My 15 mos old refuses to nurse, so we are basically weaned. He was mostly weaned anyway except 1-2 x's a day and now he refuses completely. I'v tried several times at different times a day and he...
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    My son is 14 months (today actually) and I've been having a lot of nipple pain...for at least a month? It started when his four top teeth have come down more which now I think may just be a...
  14. Re: Need support -breastfeeding 2 1/2 yr old - long rambling post


    My son is getting picky with his food and he just turned 1. I'm constantly trying to find food that i know he'll eat. I agree with PP. Definitely get her supplements. My nephew is about...
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    Re: Day weaning?

    I got lucky with my son he's a good sleeper. My DD though she would wake up often. We night weaned first. When she would wake up and I knew she wasn't hungry then I'd get her back to sleep without...
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    We made it! 1 year....

    ...and no formula.

    My baby boy is 1. It really wasn't a goal to never give him formula. I just never needed it and by the time he was 10 months I realized he probably never would. Then we had...
  17. Weight check

    My little man had his weight check today. He came in at 18 lbs 7.4oz. He gained 1lbs 4.4oz in 3 weeks. :D He is in the 3% up from 1%.

    Dr. is happy and says keep doing what we are doing. No...
  18. Re: 11 mos low supply and weight issues (LONG)

    Our weight check is Wednesday. I have a baby scale and I think he's gained a lbs. I saw the site on kellymom the other day. Seeing that made me feel better. I know he's getting 19+ oz He was 10...
  19. Re: 11 mos low supply and weight issues (LONG)

    Thanks you and others! I'm so glad it was my 2nd time or I don't think I'd have made it this whole time. With DD it was for half a school year not all year. It hasn't been easy, but it's worth it...
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    Re: Thrush and milk storage

    My son had thrush about two months ago. I work and pump for him. I fed him the "thrush milk" while he was still being treated and didn't freeze it. I think I read scalding the milk will help kill...
  21. Re: 11 mos low supply and weight issues (LONG)

    It is difficult teaching and pumping. I had a great schedule in August and then they changed it a few weeks later and it's not ideal, but I've made it work. I know my water intake can always be...
  22. Re: 11 mos low supply and weight issues (LONG)

    Oh and we even survived thrush a few months ago.
  23. 11 mos low supply and weight issues (LONG)

    My son is 11 months old and started out 9lbs 6oz (90%) and dropped to 7% by 9 months. My Dr. is okay with him dropping on the chart as long as he's still gaining based on his weght (curve upward)...
  24. Sticky: Re: Scalding breastmilk due to excessive Lipase

    I'm back...I had the lipase issue with number one so I've been scalding my BM after having number 2 in May. I froze a couple bags without scalding just to see and one I took out today was smelly. ...
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    Weaning and whole milk?

    I've weaned my 13 month old DD to only two nursing sessions (night and morning) and give her whole milk during the day. She drinks whole milk, but not very much. I don't mind that she's not...
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