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  1. Re: Trying to find the cause of all this

    try this massage for gas, it works wonders for my son!

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    Re: Gripe Water Reaction???

    instead of gripe water, do this massage for upset tummies. it works great. its like miracle http://www.llli.org/nb/nbjanfeb98p13.html
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    Re: Drastic Changes in Behavior

    sounds like either teething or gas to me! maybe both!

    here is a good massage for gas! Please read it, it worked wonders for my gassy baby, even though it says its for colic!...
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    Re: Night weaning 1 month old???

    well it was nice while it lasted right?

    also just wanted to let you know i agree with the pp. most likely she will not wean herself, but if something happens they need formula until a year, and i...
  5. Re: Can I begin to breastfeed again?

    no problem.

    well, the beer is kind of an old wives tale. alcohol can inhibit the let down reflex, BUT the hops in beer can help boost your supply. so if you go that route, i suggest non-alcoholic...
  6. Re: HELP! 7 week old refusing to nurse??

    sounds normal!

    it could be teething

    in the heat sometimes babies do not want to nurse as much....i know i am not too hungry when its hot out!

    does she seem gassy? maybe try this massage...
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    Re: feeling lost

    sounds like you are doing well mama!

    6 weeks is time for a growth spurt, so she will be fussy and want to nurse around the clock! she is building your supply with all the nursin, she knows what...
  8. Re: Can I begin to breastfeed again?

    you sure can! also oatmeal, asparagus, and lots of water will help with milk production! put your baby to the breast often. you may even still have milk in there! im sure the ladies will be by to...
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    Re: Don't know what else to do...

    try this exercise for a good latch, practice even when you are not nursing for a fun game!

    take your nipple (or finger) and start at your babys nose. brush down lightly to his upper lip, bottom...
  10. Re: 9 oz feedings and 7 weeks old

    maybe she was just extra hungry?
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    Re: Emptying the breast?

    if you are not having any problems, just switch sides every feeding.

    if you are not producing enough, then try to have baby feed off both sides during a feeding to get your supply up.

    if you...
  12. Re: Fussy evening feed - night waking/ga

    have you tried a the baby massage? here is the link for it just in case. my son does not have colic but he loves this massage and it gets the gas out.

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    Re: Only poops with pumped milk

    breastfed babies can go up to 4 times a day or go up to 10 days without pooping. its completely normal.

    probably the reason he is having weird poops if he is getting too much are or too fast a...
  14. Re: 8 week old and losing my mind w. breast feeding

    dont give up! it does get better!!!!
  15. Re: constant breastfeeding stops crying-HELP!

    at 6 weeks babies go through a growth spurt, so your LO is trying to get your supply up!!!!!! more milk please mama!!

    try babywearing. its a lifesaver!
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    Re: So fussy while eating!

    sounds like OALD or gas....
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    Re: Question about fist-sucking

    teething or comfort or something new are my guesses!!!
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    Re: Husband......

    Breastfeeding can decrease your sex drive, not only from feeling touched out, but hormonally your body does not want you to be pregnant again, because you need to be able to feed this baby. So you...
  19. Re: When can I expect to stop leaking?

    i got my bra and pad tucked away under my shirt before i would lift it to nurse, but i didnt really care if anyone saw me nursing or knew what i was doing as long as i didnt flash them too much!...
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    Re: Overdiagnosis of Thrush

    I thought my son had thrush at one point, turns out I just needed to clear off the excess milk residue out of his mouth with a wet wash cloth twice a day! Who knew?
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    Re: sippy cup vs bottle

    my son prefers a sippy over a bottles, but he doesnt know how to hold the sippy yet. also i have started letting him have sips out of a real cup. its a little messy at first but not too bad. he is 5...
  22. Re: Going back to work at almost a year... Family not supportive of continued BF!

    I would let them know that nursing to age 1 and beyond is completely normal. The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding to age 2 and beyond, however long is mutually desired by mother and...
  23. Re: Bottle or Attachement? Help PLEASE!

    my son wouldnt take a bottle, ESPECIALLY if he is sleepy!! now at 5 months he will take one bc he can kinda hold it himself, i also let him drink out of a cup(kinda messy the first few times), and i...
  24. Re: Four days away from my baby and a low freezer stash. What to do?

    well i am not sure what to tell you so here is a bump!! also maybe try pumping in the middle of the night if your baby is STTN.
  25. Re: Overactive letdown or underproduction?

    agree with this! sometimes the doctors will tell you that you cant breastfeed while on a certain medication, but usually they are wrong!
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