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  1. Re: 11 Mo: Rapid (almost sudden) weaning... won't take milk, formula

    I can sympathize, as we had a very difficult time getting our son (14 mos) to accept milk (soy milk in his case, as he is allergic to dairy). A couple of months ago, he was less interested in...
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    How to address unkind comments?

    OK, so this isn't really about breastfeeding, but it is about my 14 month old son, who is still breastfeeding a couple of times a day:

    David is not yet walking alone. I don't think that's...
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    Re: biting help

    My David (14 mos) went through a biting thing around the time he turned one. Two things helped, and I hope they help you: (1) as hard as it is, try not to react at all to the bite. I think...
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    Tofu pups?

    Hello all. DS is 14 months and I am looking for more ideas for his lunches and dinners. He used to eat tofu cubes on a regular basis, but recently decided that he doesn't like them anymore (no...
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    Re: Why wont he drink soy milk??

    Thanks to everyone for your advice. Wow, I had no idea about how bad soy milk can be -- I will definitely bring that up with our pediatrician, since she recommended it.

    I tried making a...
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    Re: Hair Loss and Fenugreek Q's

    My hair loss peaked about 2-6 mos after I gave birth, but has continued to this day (our son turned one this month!). I have no great solutions, but it seems to help if you don't pull it back too...
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    Why wont he drink soy milk??

    At my son's 12 month check up, the ped told us that his weight has "plateaued" at 19.5 lbs. He's only in the 10th percentile for height & weight, so this was not good news. He still bf's 4-5 times,...
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    Recommendations for soy products?

    Our little guy turns one next week. We discovered that he has a severe milk allergy when we tried giving him yogurt. He does fine with soy.

    We would like to introduce him to some more soy...
  9. Re: Trouble with self-feeding & sippy cup

    Thank you. I know he will get the hang of it eventually -- I just wondered if we could do something to help him make the connection.

    To answer your question, he happily accepts pureed food and...
  10. Trouble with self-feeding & sippy cup

    My son is about 10 months old. He does very well with eating solids -- pureed food that we feed him with a spoon and small pieces of soft fruits/veggies and cheerios. Problem is that he refuses to...
  11. Temas: Squash

    by David's Mommy

    Re: Squash

    We bake it in the oven in about 1" of water in a glass pan. I think it's 400 degrees for about 20 minutes, or until soft.

    FYI, there is an awesome website called www.wholesomebabyfood.com...
  12. Re: My DD will not eat homemade baby food!

    I went through this as well with my son, who is almost 9 months old. His favorite food is sweet potatoes, but he totally rejected them when I made them. I tried making them again, but this time I...
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    Re: Wake up the baby?

    Thanks to everyone for your advice. He is sleeping happily through the night (12 hours) and now feeding six times during the day. I am also pumping twice a day to keep up supply. We are all doing...
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    Question about fenugreek ...

    Hello Mommies. My son is 8.5 months old, and I have taken fenugreek for a few stretches when my supply seemed to be waning. It always worked, and I stopped taking it when my supply increased. My...
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    Wake up the baby?

    Hello all. My son is now 8.5 months old. For the first few months, he was gaining weight very slowly, so our pediatrician advised me to nurse him every 3 hours around the clock. At our last well...
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