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    nursing strikes survival stories please

    Hi mommies

    I think my DS is going through a nursing strike now.. he has been refusing to nurse when he's awake during the day, but he will wake 1-3x at night to nurse. I am sooo sad and I hope...
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    Re: DS refusing to nurse! :(

    Hi Andrea

    Thanks for your reply.
    No, no changes with me, no change in soap or shampoo...
    Baby has no thrush. He's ok except may be cutting another tooth... the 9th one.

    I'm still trying to...
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    Re: DS refusing to nurse! :(

    Hi number3

    Thanks soooo much for your reply, the link, notes and encouragement. I think I know the reason for the decreased nursing at night. DS only nursed once or twice for the past few...
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    DS refusing to nurse! :(

    My 9mo DS wakes up (more like half-asleep actually) 3-4x everynight to nurse usually. On Tues, he nursed 2x, Wed he nursed 3x, but last night Thur, he nursed only 1x at 11+pm. He was fussing at 1+,...
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    Re: The Mad Nipple Pincher on the Loose!!!

    Oh no! My 9mo son has just started playing with my breasts too... see my other post... he's squirting milk onto his face while giggling and watching my reaction as he's doing it! But, my, reading all...
  6. Re: bb playing with breast while nursing - bad habit?

    I've tried with a nursing necklace, it only worked the first couple of times. Now he only pulls at it and sometimes babbles at it and tries to put it in his mouth! :(
  7. bb playing with breast while nursing - bad habit?

    My 9mo baby is very distractable and only nurses for like 3 mins in the day when he's awake! And then, sometimes, he unlatches, and starts to squeeze my breast/nipple with his fingers while smiling...
  8. BM leaked and froze outside bag - FBM still ok to use?

    Would like to know if frozen BM is still ok for drinking if some of it leaked and froze outside the bag? I didn't realise milk was leaking when I laid the bag flat to freeze. By the time I saw...
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    Re: Working Mother Breast Pump Roll Call!!!

    Medela PISA :ita :ita :ita :ita :ita
    I leave it at the office during wkdays and pump twice a day at work.
    It has been serving me well thus far ;)
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    Re: R my frozen BM spoilt?

    Thks carpentergirl for your reply!
    I think I will thaw one bag and check (sniff/taste) to see if it is ok.
    I thought it was the fatty part of the milk too, but I just wanna be sure.
    Thks! ;)
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    R my frozen BM spoilt?

    My old fridge broke down few wks back and by the time we discovered, the fridge wasn't cold anymore! But the freezer (separate door) compartment was still cold and my 50 over bags of frozen BM seemed...
  12. Re: 7m old drinking only 3-4oz per feed. Is this normal?

    Thanks everyone! Glad to hear LO's feeding pattern is actually quite normal. I guess DS eats little but more frequently (usually 2-3 hourly). My friends' younger babies are drinking 5-7oz so that got...
  13. 7m old drinking only 3-4oz per feed. Is this normal?

    We started our DS with solid when he turned 6mths. He's now 5 days to 8 months and takes solids twice a day - lunch and dinner. We give him very thin rice porridge with fish and either potato or...
  14. Re: Sleeping through the night affecting milk supply?

    Hi butterfly
    I was told in this forum that our body will adjust so even if ur LO sleeps through and you don't pump, day supply won't be affected. ;)

    Kendrasmommy, after pumping, try expressing...
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    Re: cutting night pumping

    Hi all

    Since my last post, I've managed to cut the night pump! However, I have to deal with another set of problems now! With reduced production in the night, my bb is not very happy with the...
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    Re: Electric Vs. Manual Pump

    I have the Medela PIS Advanced which I bought to use at work. However, I have switched to using manual expression by hands instead (thanks to a friend who taught me how!) and left the pump at home. I...
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    Re: Plugged duct or cancer?

    I recently attended a talk on Breast Cancer arranged at my workplace. The surgeon who gave the talk said that if a lump which appeared during the course of breastfeeding doesn't seem to clear, it is...
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    Re: Signs of teething?

    My DS is a wk shy of turning 5 mths and he has been drooling since he was 3 mths old too. At times, he becomes fussy and most times, he would be biting his fist or 'chewing' his teether. His...
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    Re: Mommy's dehydrated and milk is disappearing!

    Hi Jenne
    I can understand the frustration you're going through, coz my supply also dipped badly when I had mastitis. But I think it will come back to normal once you've recovered, like mine did :)...
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    milk stains turn pink on clothes and brush?

    We notice some pinkish stains on LO's clothes, which my caregiver said is due to breastmilk stains. She also showed me the brush she used to clean the bottles, there's the same pinkish stains...
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    Re: 4mo nursing lesser?

    Thks Beth and Rebecca for sharing. Beth, thks - I'll try out momsicles! :)
    On his feeding patterns, I'd continue to observe for a while more.

    Rightie on! I will stick to waiting for DS to turn 6...
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    4mo nursing lesser?

    My DS has just turned 4 months this week. I read this is one of those times he'll undergo a growth spurt and may fuss and want to eat more.

    My DS seems to be less hungry instead! In the day, he's...
  23. Re: Is it ok to freeze BM that's been in fridge for up to 8-10 hours?

    Much thanks, Linda! :)
  24. Is it ok to freeze BM that's been in fridge for up to 8-10 hours?


    Need advice if I could still freeze BM that's been kept in a fridge for up to 8-10 hours?

    I express 2-3x while at work and keep the EBM in a small fridge in the office till I return home...
  25. Re: 6 year old wants to breastfeed, should i let her?

    My 6-yo girl too asked if she could nurse when she saw her baby brother nursing. I felt awkward, I didn't say no, but I didn't offer her either. I think I just looked puzzled. LOL.

    She knows she...
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