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  1. Re: Milk Supply / PURPLE crying period / Night time sleeping

    Our LO was an absolute dream baby right up until 3 weeks, and then the suddenly had the most awful evenings -- ear-splitting cries we couldn't seem to help. She was well-fed, good temperature,...
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    Re: Also need sleep! Waking to eat or fuss?

    I agree with still.here about stomach sleeping if your LO is rolling over -- Drs here (Canada) recommend back sleeping, but not to worry about moving them back if they roll onto their stomachs.
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    Re: Better nurser while asleep?

    I like Runningmomma's idea about cutting out the distractions to see if that helps. I have no experience with regulating supply or flow (which may indeed be your issue) but I do have another...
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    Re: 1 month baby won't take the bottle

    Our LO took a bottle of my milk at one month, and has refused the two subsequent attempts. Out of concern for burning her, I think we weren't heating the bottles enough (they didn't feel quite at...
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