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    Re: Won't take a bottle

    Thanks...I am hoping too that when I am not around she will do better...my husband says she does take it after she eats (an ounce or two)so maybe daycare won't be as scary as I thought!!

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    Won't take a bottle

    My daughter is 8 months old and we are trying to get into a schedule for day, we are starting that gradually. but she has always had ahrd time with the bottle. she eats solids atleast once a day...
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    Re: should we start solids

    I am in the same boat too...mine will be 6 mos on the 28th, but she can sit up on her own and she reaches for everything we are eating...I am just not sure when or how to start...
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    Re: She had her first cereal!

    Hello Ladies
    My little one was born on 9-28 (about the same age) and we havn't started solids of any kind but I was thinking about trying...are you both still breast feeding. My little one won't...
  5. Re: Going back to work...and little one is having trouble with a bottle...

    Thank for all the hints. I am going to try a different nipple over the next few attempts. I am NOW painfully aware that I should have started earlier, but was so enjoying the breast feeding and...
  6. Going back to work...and little one is having trouble with a bottle...

    I have to go back to work in Jan (2nd) and my little O is having a lot of difficulty with the bottle. She is refusing to take it. She has only had the breast, no pacifer or bottle until the other...
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