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  1. 11 months - want to stop pumping @ work but not wean

    Hi Everyone,

    Well, I made it to 11 months. The first month was very trying with latching issues but I'm glad I got it worked out. I had to return to work when my daughter was around 2.5 months old...
  2. Re: gulping/choking when switching breasts?

    I see. Then I guess I used to have OALD (maybe due to OS) and now I don't since she no longer chokes during my initial letdown anymore. Whether it's because she is used to it or ??? I don't know....
  3. Re: gulping/choking when switching breasts?

    How do you normally "offer the other side"? I hear this term quite frequently - but I guess even for the first side - I stuff my nipple into her mouth because otherwise she doesn't grab it. So when...
  4. Re: gulping/choking when switching breasts?

    I did try blockfeeding. That was how I got my supply down. What is considered OALD? I know that when I have my first letdown reflex, I tend to have one stream/spray or so - it's not just dripping. Is...
  5. Re: gulping/choking when switching breasts?

    Hmm. Ok. I'll try with a paci then. :) Sometimes I just wonder if she needs more milk than 1 breast. Thanks for the advise.
  6. gulping/choking when switching breasts?

    Hi, first time mom here with a 7 week old.

    Just to give a bit of a background - originally my baby won't latch. (I might have flat nipples). And at the hospital, the LC gave me a nipple shield to...
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