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    Re: Oh please, please pray for us!

    prayers to you
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    problem with solids...HELP

    DD is 8 months old. She has been taking solids very well for a little over a month. I do make my own baby food ( except for the meat...just cant get that pureed good enough yet).

    Anyway dd is...
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    Re: time saving tips

    I have on e of those scrubbing bubbles things that mounts inside of my shower. it sprays down the shower on its own and does a decent job

    fold baby clothes???:lol never. She goes through so many...
  4. Re: How do you manage working and parenting?

    I dont manage very well :lol
    I am a single mom and I do not work full time hours outside of the home but I am gone 4 days per week ( I teach college leve courses so I am gone when I teach). As the...
  5. Re: Need Support: MD not supporting BF on the breast

    Glad to hear how things are going. Keep up the good work and advocacy for your dd!!
    :hug to all of you!!
  6. Re: Need Support: MD not supporting BF on the breast

    First I am glad to hear yoru dd is doing well. Sorry I cannot remember how many weeks you said she is now.

    I was an NICU SWker for 9 years and our MD's were very supportive of NICU moms BF....
  7. Re: baby prefers the bottle now...

    We are going through the sme thing right now! I am blessed that daddy and I work opposite shifts so he is home with her during the day while I teach. However she is doing the same thing that your LO...
  8. Re: So U Supplement With Formula And Why?

    I also supplement one feeding a day about 3 times a week. I have never been able to build a freezer stash and if I was lucky to do that she would go through all of it with growth spurts! I have...
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    Re: Wonders of Breastmilk...

    I soo agree with this thread!! I was diagnosed with strep throat and bronchitis last Fri. Daddy now has it. My dd however just has a slight runny nose. She was seen yesterday as I was sure she has...
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    Re: how do you keep it up???

    First I am feeling your tired pain today! :lol I actually had a dream I was pumping last night!!!!!!!!!!:yikes .
    I just try to remind myself how important it is for my daughter and for me to pump...
  11. Re: Business trip with overnight stay

    many hotels also have small fridges that you can rent for about $10
  12. Re: a little venting and hopefully can get an answer

    I am fairly new on here and I hear everyone talk about the importance of skin to skin contact to boost supply. As an ex NICU social worker I do know about the benefits of Kangaroo Care for NICU...
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    Re: what to do at night?

    I know how hard this is. My dd did this as well. At one point I was bf her every 45 minutues. I was so depressed in thinking that I wasnt producing enough ( have had supply issues from the...
  14. Re: Anyone treating their reflux babies with meds?

    We tried Axid without much luck and are now on reglan and it has worked wonders. I totally agree with the pp...keep your baby upright after feeding. That helps so much. Also I burped her several...
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    Re: First Day back as Well Today

    Just wanted to send a hug. I too am a teacher and it is hard! I too am not able to be a stay at home mom. It didnt get any easier for me to leave her ( and she is home with daddy!!!!We do have...
  16. Re: Breast shield ripping my areola...

    I just had this same problem this weekend! Mine however seems to be from the larger shield I was using. I was using the smaller one but then I started taking the larger one to work and leaving it in...
  17. Help! Concerned about production amt

    Hi ladies. All of you have been so great on this site. I truly have days where I depend on support here.
    I am concerned though today about my supply. My dd is 10 weeks old, exclusively bf ( no...
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    What a day

    It has been one of those mornings where I just couldnt seem to get out of the house to get to work. I teach college level Family Studies classes and I have my long day today. I basically pack up...
  19. Re: OHMYGOODNESS!!!! How do I approach this tactfully?

    Just my opinion but if this was me I would have my child out of that daycare!!

    Cupcakes are completely inappropriate for babies!!!!!!!!

    If they gave you back your bm then I would seriously...
  20. Re: Anyone using meds to treat infant reflux?

    We first tried Axid but it didnt help. We are now on regla 4x day and it does seem to be helping
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    Re: where can i find

    Try www.gnc.com :ita
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    Re: uneven milk supply

    I havethe same problem! My LC said that it appears that I have more fatty tissue in the right breast therefore I produce more there. She did say something about an herb ( Goats Rue??? I cant...
  23. Re: There always seems to be something wrong

    Must be a pattern with 7 week olds!! My daughter is doing the same thing!! As stated in pp she does do better when she has had a nap ( even if it is just for 30 minutes).I have been lucky with her...
  24. Re: HELP! returned to work having problem

    Jadas mom:
    I am blessed with insurance that believes in wellness and it is avaliable ( no medically necessary issue needed :clap )
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    Re: working part-time

    I forgot to add...
    I leave my days off to just that...days off. I spend all my time with my daughter. We do not run errands, go to the store, grade papers etc. I try to do those things on my way to...
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