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  1. Re: Zoloft and milk let down issues---need reassurance

    Realize this is an old thread but did the Zoloft help your letdown? I'm having the same exact issue...
  2. Re: Help!!! 6 month old and milk won't let down

    Thanks everyone for the help and suggestions... I've been still struggling now and it's been 2.5 weeks... Im fairly certain that anxiety abou my letdown is slowing my letdown way down... I sheen...
  3. Help!!! 6 month old and milk won't let down

    My son is 6 month old and I have never had a problem with my letdown until this weekend. Saturday I had a feed where my milk wouldn't let down and then again twice on Sunday. Today was he worst - my...
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    Re: 4.5 month old suddenly hard to burp

    Thanks for the reply mtaa! I do think there are some times he doesn't need to burp now that he's getting better at handling my letdown, but generally I can hear the bubble in there and it just wont...
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    4.5 month old suddenly hard to burp

    My 4.5 month old has always been a good burper, but in the last couple of weeks or so he is really hard to burp!

    I wouldn't care so much, but I have an overactive letdown and I know a ton of air...
  6. Re: Dairy sensitivity - when will it get better?

    Hi everyone! Thanks again for the help! I've been off of dairy now for two weeks and my son has been doing really well on a number of fronts. He's been doing a really good job nursing, which leads me...
  7. Re: Dairy sensitivity - when will it get better?

    No skin issues, and no severe crying - he was such a mellow little guy until 11ish weeks and then got increasingly fussy... the fussiness I think really has calmed down this week.
  8. Re: Dairy sensitivity - when will it get better?

    Thank you both for your help! We are trying dairy first, as it's supposedly the most common allergy/intolerance. What's been confusing for me is I really have seen an improvement overall, but then he...
  9. Dairy sensitivity - when will it get better?

    My son just turned 3 months old and was diagnosed with a suspected dairy intolerance. Increasing fussiness, fussing at the breast, mucusy poops, and waking early from naps with intestinal discomfort...
  10. Help! Overactive letdown = screaming at breast

    I have an overactive letdown, which sometimes is accompanied by an oversupply, and sometimes not. My son is almost 12 weeks old and while it has caused some issues, we have been doing pretty well.
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    Vomiting normal?

    My little guy is 5 weeks old and since 2ish weeks has had occasional vomits - not spitups - diaphram heaving. Though they have been more of a daily occurrance lately. My daughter did this as well and...
  12. Re: Nursing to sleep and everytime DS wakes, Cosleeping and


    I totally feel for you. I was waking that often with my daughter when she was that age. Now she's just turned two, I'm pregnant and when she wakes me up once in the night I feel so tired the...
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    Re: Would like to wean...

    The other nursings I was able to drop fairly easily by distracting her. Doesn't work if I'm trying to go to bed, and the morning nursing is usually around 5 and then we go back to sleep... I could...
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    Would like to wean...


    My daughter will be two in a couple of weeks and while we are still nursing happily, I'm really starting to feel like I'd like to help her wean. For one we are trying for another baby, and...
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    "Lovey" ideas to replace the breast

    I'm currently still nursing my 22 month old daughter 3-4 times a day, and while I'd like to encourage her towards weaning I'm in no immediate rush.

    What I would like to help her with is...
  16. Re: Qs about extended breastfeeding for milk allergic baby..

    My daughter had a dairy sensitivity and was off of dairy until 18-19 months. Our naturopathic doctor who was also a lactation consultant said that as long as she was nursing 4 times a day she didn't...
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    Re: Seriously feeling just done

    My 19 month old had a bad bug about a month ago and was stuck to me wanting to nurse 24-7 as well... it was driving me nuts. I was SO done with nursing at that point as well, but once this little...
  18. Re: Weaning Help!? My 26 month old thinks I'm a human pacifi

    I think the Mommal threw out some good things to try. Knock on wood, but I'm close to having fully night-weaned my co-sleeping 19 month old. She goes down at 7 and I have made it my rule to not nurse...
  19. Re: Pedi pressuring to nightwean and do bloodwork

    It wouldn't hurt to do the tests. Or get a second opinion. I'm not a doctor, but there are some similarities with my daughter. She was born a pretty big baby, and since her birth has slowly dropped...
  20. Re: Clingy 18 month old wants to nurse 24-7

    You have all been so helpful!!! I think it's a bit of what everyone is saying. She's definitely been trying real hard to string words together, I had a friend who I see weekly comment that she...
  21. Clingy 18 month old wants to nurse 24-7

    My 18 month old daughter has always been very independent, but has become very cling lately. She also has been wanting to nurse all morning long for the past several days, and I can't do anything to...
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    Re: EBF 15 month old

    I just (last week) went through a very similar thing with my 14.5 month old. She had a horribly stuffy cold and wouldn't touch her solids for days. The worst night she wouldn't sleep anywhere but on...
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    Re: Need Reassurance about nighttime

    My almost 14 month old is also up very often at night - a good night is only 2-3 times. A month or so ago when she was getting up more like 5 -6 times a night I made a change that I think has helped,...
  24. Re: Feeding/nursing issues with 12 month

    Yes, she loves water! And I think you're right about letting her decide what she wants... I'm still scarred from her refusal to nurse days when I knew she was hungry, but those days are long gone....
  25. Re: Feeding/nursing issues with 12 month

    That's actually a great idea to pair the letdown with a phrase or sign! She definitely will hang in there a little longer post-letdown, but still not for a full nurse... And I think I will just keep...
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