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    Re: Just A Question...

    Agre with all PP, When I went back to work my DH would Bottle Feed our DD from 7 am to 7pm. when I walked in the door at 7 pm she would eat every hour until she went to bed. There were times that...
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    Re: breast vs bottle amounts

    My sister is having the same problem. She is pumping three times at work then twice at night to keep up. Her son is sleeping through so she pumps before she goes to bed and wakes up around 2 am to...
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    Re: how long between poo's?

    From Everything I have read 7-10 days is normal. We have been at the 11 day mark and as you get nervous that is normally when they will fill the diaper up. :lol
  4. Re: how do I a make this all work getting desperate!

    Do you only try to nurse him off of one side if so is it possible for you to either nurse on one side and pump on the other or pump on the opposite side right before you try to nurse. That way you...
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    Re: Swallows after letdown

    My daughter participated in a study when we were in the ICN and the said that most term newborns will do about 50-60 sucks after a let down then rest for a few seconds then another 40 or more sucks. ...
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    Iron suppliments

    When we left the ICN they gave us some multi-vitamin drops with IRON. The key being the iron. We gave it to my daughter for about 2 1/2 months after lots of gas and discomfort I began reading and...
  7. Does your LO sleeping through the night have an impact on your milk supply over time.

    My LO sleeps for at least ten hours at night. (I know I am lucky) she has been doing this for at least a month now. Sometimes by the end of the day I feel like there is nothing left for her. I...
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    Re: how do i stop pumping?

    I took me about three weeks but that was going from pumping every three hours down to just nursing. When I finally got down to only having the morning pump I would nurse out of one side and pump the...
  9. Re: pumping for a preemie, is 12oz/day still low?

    First of all congrats! You have already endured more than most of us. 12 days in the hospital was the hardest thing I have ever done. Do not stress about your milk supply it will only make things...
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    Re: Crying/Pulling off breast

    Does he start nursing just fine then after a minute or so pull off. If so, this could be teething I have read that the pressure from the suction can be very painful. If it seems more random in...
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    Re: oversupply frustration

    I had the same problem and there is a chair it is actually a lawn chair that they sell for about $50.00 at walmart. You can recline after you have your baby latched on and as your let down occurs,...
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    Re: Falling alseep on the breast

    As the others have said you are doing nothing wrong. Your are doing exactly what your child wants and needs.
    I nursed my little one to sleep until she was just over two months. She now fall...
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    Re: Won't take bottle

    have you tried silicon and latex. My daughter will only take latex. They actually told me at the ICN that this may happen.
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