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    Help! Nipple infection?!

    My 8 month old recently sort of bit my left nipple. She actually came off of it really roughly with suction and teeth and all. I think this is the root of my pain, but not sure. Anyway, the left...
  2. Re: 4.5 month old pulling off breast constantly

    My seven month old is impossible to feed while we're out, and only a little easier to feed during the day at home. She motions that she wants boob - she pulls down on my shirt and shoves her face...
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    Re: MASTITIS! Help for a friend!!

    Definitely nurse as long as the baby will take it. I stopped nursing and pumped when I had pus. I ended up developing an abscess. It was so awful. Nurse nurse nurse! :ita
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    Re: mastitis set-back in supply

    I don't understand how your MD drained your clogged ducts. I've never heard of that.
    I have heard of ultrasound treatment to cure clogged ducts. It really works! A physiotherapist trained in this...
  5. Re: ? about resuming breast feeding after 7 days pumping and dumping

    I relactaed after over a week of not breastfeeding. My baby was drinking from bottles. She didn't have the best latch beforehand...but it wasn't any worse after. She was about 3 or 4 weeks old at the...
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