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    painless hard lump in breast.

    So giving my Lo her last feed before bed last night&found a big hard lump, its about 3inches long. Feels like my breast was full&a section didn't empty while I was feeding. Blocked duct? Used a warm...
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    Decreased milk supply in one breast

    My right beast doesn't seem to be making as much milk as my left. Baby is irratable when feeding on the right, spends 45mins+ on right and still comes off hungry, i've been putting her on the left...
  3. Re: How long can I let LO sleep at night

    No, not using it as contraception. No I'll try not to get used to it, lay there awake last night waiting for her to wake up just after I'd put her down&woke before she did so didn't fully benefit...
  4. Re: How long can I let LO sleep at night

    Thank you for your advice. As lovely as she is I don't want to end up pregnant again just yet!
    She only had 3 oz from the bottle though, I gave her this amount as after giving her 2oz last week she...
  5. How long can I let LO sleep at night?

    LO slept for 6 hours last night, which was lovely but felt I shouldn't let her go longer than this? She's 7weeks. Can leaving them sleep longer at night interfere with your milk supply? I thought you...
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    Hi, my milk came in sunday, (baby born fri am 02:15) when should I expect the 'fullness' to ease off? Im getting paranoid that baby isn't managing to get the milk off properly, today she's been doing...
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