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    Re: calorie deficient breastmilk?

    I would say to wait before supplementing. Babies tend to gain at their own speed. I have heard of breast milk being deficient b/c mine was. But it was due to other health problems where even I was...
  2. Breastfeeding didn't work before- Can I make it work this time?

    Hi! I am 20 weeks pregnant with my second baby. DD is 10 months old and is bottle fed. I started out breastfeeding. It was difficult and painful since she would nurse for 10-15 minutes VERY...
  3. Temas: Away from bb

    by Angie

    Re: Away from bb

    Try to keep pumping at least every 4 hours. If the bb is on a schedule, pump when you would normally feed. Alot of pumps have ice packs and coolers that you can just carry with you. Some motels have...
  4. Temas: nipple pain!

    by Angie

    Re: nipple pain!

    I and bad cracking and bleeding with scabs also. I got no relief from the lanolin and so I got Gerber Breast Therapy Balm. It is lanolin free and I had much better luck with that. Also, I used gel...
  5. Re: I'd really like to stop lactating! any suggestions on drying up milk?

    You could try breast binding- just wrap them tightly or wear a snug sports bra 24-7 until the flow stops. Also cold on the breasts will help. Avoid a warm or hot shower as the warmth will cause the...
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    Re: I don't like breastfeeding

    I like this advice from quakerm0mma. I have the same problem as her friend. At first I set the goal for 6 weeks and then 6 months for dd best good. I ended up having to stop at 4 months due to...
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