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  1. Re: Giving pumped milk at same time of day?

    I personally never worried about what time of day my milk was pumped--I just offered whatever I had, whenever I needed to for work separations or otherwise. No observable impact on my daughter's...
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    Re: How to sleep for BF working mom

    I'm not sure what issues you're implying the moms on this site have, but whatever it is that you are referring to, it's important to remember that correlation does not imply causality. So I would...
  3. Re: When co-workers bash on breastfeeding

    Oh, sheesh, what an unexpected swing of events! That is so not what I would have expected as a response to the conversation you were having, and even though I'm not personally shy about talking...
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    Re: Freezing breast milk

    If you have a properly functioning freezer that is part of a refrigerator, it should be safe for you to follow the 3-6 months guideline. You can pull the milk and check it periodically if you have...
  5. Re: Can I wash pump parts with cold water?

    It is often easier and quicker to remove caked on milk residue with warm water. But if you don't have any difficulties cleaning the parts with cold soapy water, it's a non-issue for you. The soap...
  6. Re: Help weaning 14 month medical reason

    I would also encourage you to call and discuss your planned medications with InfantRisk. Chances are very, very good that you can take the medication you need without interfering with your nursing...
  7. Re: 7 Month old only eats 4 times a day...wants to eat all n

    I fail to see how any of my suggestions for helping mom maximize her own sleep are not practical. Not practical for you yourself, perhaps. But you don't know the OP, you don't know her sleep...
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    Re: Pumping at work

    I agree that pumping in your ambulance sounds pretty resourceful to me! In fact, I would probably do everything I could to find some "non-traditional" ways of getting the pumping sessions in that...
  9. Re: 7 Month old only eats 4 times a day...wants to eat all n

    I think the key word we need to add here is "some." Some babies can and will fall asleep on their own without crying. Not all. And there is absolutely nothing developmentally wrong with a 7 month...
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    Re: Night nursing a kid with teeth

    I think the return of the period explains a lot! Whenever I have my period, I find nighttime nursing way more uncomfortable--and I don't believe it's anything different with my child's latch, I...
  11. Re: 13 mo who nurses and eats a lot! - Is he getting enough

    My daughter has been a pretty voracious solids eater since about the 10-11 month point. She doesn't typically sit for hours in her booster seat to eat, because she's too busy for all of that; she...
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    Re: New schedule. pumping questions

    I'm having some trouble interpreting the actual lengths of your absences in order to weigh in on your planned schedule--I think those short shifts mean just a four hour separation? How long are you...
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    Re: Flu shot for 12mo

    Absolutely! My daughter has been getting the flu vaccine since she was old enough to receive them. Aside from all of the typical reasons I believe in vaccination, I work in health care and am...
  14. Re: # of nursing sessions when period returned

    Yeah, my evenings generally look like this:

    Arrive home from work: "Have milk! One, two boobahs!"
    Five minutes later: play
    One minute later: "Have milk!"
    Two minutes later: play
    One minute...
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    Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    I love this thread so much.

    My daughter, who is 2, has started asking me to nurse various other parts of her body now. Her favorites are "nurse eyeball!" and "nurse butt please!"
  16. Re: # of nursing sessions when period returned

    In what I consider to be the ultimate in unfairness, my period returned during a month long stretch in which my daughter was essentially latched on and nursing all night long with no interruption. I...
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    Re: Made it a year! Thank you!!

    Congratulations, and happy birthday to your boy! :)
  18. Re: Two years of breastfeeding! Woo hoo!

    Congratulations, and happy birthday to your little guy!
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    Re: assumption

    It's possible that baby just takes in small meals frequently--a perfectly normal, healthy way for a breastfed baby to eat. My daughter was a very frequent nurser when I returned to work. When we...
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    Re: Whoohoo!!! We succeed, 1 yr.

    Everyone is going to have a different experience on this front, but know that some women's bust sizes change permanently as a result of hormonally driven changes to the breast during pregnancy--it...
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    Re: dont you love long nights?

    :ita If it does again become an issue where you and your husband need to sleep separately, it is much much much safer for your little one to be with you, following safe bedsharing guidelines, in the...
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    Re: Breast issues

    I think you might do well to get examined again--who did you see to diagnose you with the abscess in the first place? Can you follow up with that person? The pain you are experiencing is...
  23. Re: Hugs please-Tapering off domperidone at 3.25

    I just wanted to say that I hugely identify with both of these issues. I truly understand exactly where you are coming from. So many of the struggles I had with mothering in the early days stemmed...
  24. Re: 13 month old nurses a million times a day

    I hope that timeline is in your future, too! :) FWIW, we still have rough nights and weeks even at age 2--our nighttime frequency has been on the upswing for the last couple of weeks, because she...
  25. Re: 13 month old nurses a million times a day

    Well, the first 10 months were hard for getting out. Not because of the nursing, but because she was a car seat hater, and I wasn't personally willing to have her screaming just to go places. Once...
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