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  1. Re: 2 Yr Old only bf'ing, refuses all other liquids!

    First, I feel for you. My son (now 3y1m) only started eating foods after 2.25. He was in excellent health when effectively EBF at 2, and is thriving now. Before that, he self-selected to be...
  2. Re: Feeling attacked by husband, dentist, and doctor

    My 3yo son also nurses for naps, cosleeps and nurses at night, and pretty much nurses whenever he pleases during the day. He's the happiest, healthiest child I know. I make a point of confidently...
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    Re: 2 years!

    Congrats sonogirl, too! :)
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    Re: 2 years!

    Congrats ziwa! 2 years is such an exciting milestone!!! You officially rock! :)

    Happy birthday to your LO!
  5. Re: 2.5 year old with sudden dissinterest in nursing

    This sounds very much like an episode my son (3) experienced a few weeks ago after his birthday. He went from nursing 6-10x/day with a maximum interval of 4 hours between feeds to no nursing for 7-8...
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    Poll: Re: No period and 18 months postpartum

    36 months pp without cycles. DS3 nurses 4-6x during the day and 2-4x at night. I'm taking 40mg domperidone 3x/day.
  7. Re: Pls help me, Veteran nursers! 9.5mo nursing issues.

    I haven't experienced a nursing strike, just some much longer than usual intervals between feeds, but my advice to dream feed holds. Try dream feeding frequently while co-sleeping for naps and at...
  8. Re: Doctor wants me to reduce breast feedig

    If need be, don't hesitate to schedule another appointment with Dr. Newman's team. I'm not one to place blind trust in doctors, but having worked with them personally, I am confident that they can...
  9. Re: Doctor wants me to reduce breast feedig

    I'll let Dr. Jack Newman do the talking:


    In my son's case, I opted for making more milk with the assistance of domperidone and am now...
  10. Re: Pls help me, Veteran nursers! 9.5mo nursing issues.

    If you aren't already, I suggest side lying nursing while cosleeping for naps and at night and coaxing a dream feeding if he hasn't had one in 2-3 hours. You mention that the majority of feeds are...
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    We've hit 3 years! :D

    And just like that, as if in the blink of an eye, DS and I have been nursing for 3 years! :D

    My little lactivore is, by my calculations, only just in the last 2 or 3 months getting a little over...
  12. Re: Suddenly reduced supply at 1 year old

    If you ovulate, you menstruate, unless you become pregnant on the first pp ovulation. What you're experiencing is likely reduced supply as estrogen rises when your body attempts to ovulate. I've been...
  13. Re: 13 month old refuses solids. Has lost weight since 9 mon

    I strongly recommend you contact Dr. Jack Newman at the IBC.

    My son, now 3, experienced a similar stall between 9 and 13 months and didn't eat more than 1tbsp of food per day until he was well...
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    Re: Made it to two!

    Amazing work mama!!!
  15. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    Your almost 3 year old wants a picture of him nursing on his birthday cake.

    Your son tells you that your milk is not only his favourite food, but that it tastes better than chocolate or ice cream....
  16. Re: Dr Told Me to Stop Nursing my 12 Month Old at Night

    Your doctor might wish to avail himself of some evidence-based material before setting his mouth on "garbage vomit" mode.

  17. Re: doctor's visit left me angry and wondering...am I wrong?

    That sounds like utter nonsense your doctor was spouting.

    As for needing 7-8 hours of continuous, uninterrupted sleep to process information, she might like to avail herself of a text discussing...
  18. Re: Poorly 1 year old only wants breastmilk - is it enough?

    Breastmilk is THE PERFECT food for young children. My son was extremely slow to warm to solids--he only really began eating a solid meal a day or more around 2.25. Almost his entire sustenance was my...
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    Re: Still nursing my 3 yo

    Congrats Lisa! That's outstanding that you've been able to meet your daughter's needs on her own schedule!

    My son will be 3 in October, and he still nurses 6-8x/day, sometimes more often, with a...
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    Re: Nursing and sleep. !

    I strongly endorse getting a separate mattress for your daughter's room and sharing sleep there on the single surface. My son is almost 3, and we've had that set-up for 9 months successfully. Prior...
  21. Re: Prenatal vitamin + Toddler multi-vitamin = ???

    She's probably responding badly (as all healthy people will) to a dye or additive in the product. I'd discontinue, personally, and find a more natural vitamin. Genuine Health generally has good...
  22. Re: A six year old's thoughts on breastfeeding

    Beautiful interview!

    My almost 3-yo nursing son and I were reading a book about expressing love last week and, out of the blue, he commented, "I say "I love you" by nursing." Nursing really does...
  23. Re: Mother has hit the wall after natural weaning.

    I just wanted to speak up and lend credence to perceived mood shifts during weaning. I'm nursing my son, who turns 3 in 2 months, probably 6-8x/day still, if not more, including overnight. We were...
  24. Re: Night wean 17 month old not eating solids

    I wouldn't night wean.

    Here's a thread where I discuss my DS 2.75's eating pattern. You might want to look back at some of my past posts from the last 6 months.
  25. Re: playing with other boob while nursing. frustrated!

    Be a goof. Pretend to eat her fingers or toes, make faces, sing silly songs, talk in a funny voice, etc. Make something else more interesting than getting a rise out of you and the behaviour will...
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