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    Bottle Preference

    I'll be going back to work in a week, and my 3 month old has so far adamantly refused the bottle. (Her father and other relatives have been offering it to her while I'm out of the house. They start...
  2. Re: new to breastfeeding....need advice

    My little one is also a July 2010 baby, and she's been doing the same thing this month. It seems like she's checking out what's possible with my nipple. If she's not hurting me, I just ignore it...
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    Re: side lying position

    I struggled at first, too. It just didn't feel natural. But, boy am I glad we found what works for us, because I'm with you on the loving sleep! For us, the pillows ended up being too much hassle...
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    Re: Really big baby???

    As my mother recently reminded me, a baby who is comfort nursing isn't getting the same amount of milk as a baby who is really pulling and hungry nursing. I don't think you need to worry. Babies...
  5. Re: My LO doesnt eat, only "snacks". How to encourage baby to empty breast?

    At 11 weeks, I rarely feel that she empties my breast and she almost always eats from only one side and refuses to take the second when I offer it. During her awake hours she snacks alot like you're...
  6. Re: uneven supply, low supply. lopsided and stressed!

    I found this forum and used the help form just over a week ago because I had exactly this problem and was frustrated. (The one weird twist was that my daughter actually nursed more easily at the...
  7. Re: 3 month old nursing all.night.long! Help

    Yuck. I can see why you're frustrated. Have you ruled out that anything physical is bothering him? My little one was doing almost the same thing for a week recently (though she gave me some three...
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    Re: bf in public

    I'm still getting coordinated with feeding her, so I use an Aiden and Anais muslin swaddling blanket. They are huge, but she doesn't get hot since its so lightweight. When we've been having...
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    Re: Unbalanced

    Huh - that surprises me. Its a pretty big difference in size, but maybe that is because I'm small chested to start out with. I guess I'll just stuff my bra with an extra pad! Thanks. That's...
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    I seem to be a bit unbalanced. :) The milk production differs drastically between my right and left breasts, and its making me nuts. The left breast, which my ten week old prefers, is visibly...
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